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Well money bags, why don’t you pay for all us cheap asses gold passes then?

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Hey NBC let’s cut out the 250 heat races and only show the LCQ’s! Great idea! Complete horseshit! NBC coverage is horrible! Hey let’s cut out all the damn commercials and show the 250 heats and highlights of the LCQ’s! Shows how much NBC knows about ... more »

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They cut out the 250 heat races! Just a couple of highlights! Right from the 450 heats to the 250 LCQ! NBCSN is horrible! Bring back Speed channel! Fox Sports 1 sucked cause they always had a stick and ball sport run long and into the SX broadcast, now ... more »

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Canard already got his shovel out of the trunk of his car! They really need to stop grooming the track so much! The rougher the better! Separates the men from the boys

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I agree! Blake Savages Dad has been one of my closest friends since the 2nd grade, our families did everything together. Blake’s injury has come as a shock to everyone! Blake is not only Kenny’s close friend, trainer, brother in law. You know it’s in ... more »

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Anytime I bet Daniel Blair, he never wants to bet cash! We always bet A pizza from Ricks pizza here in Lodi. He is a Ricks pizza junkie! Jett would of had a better shot with Ricks than $100 cash.

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No FS2 on Comcast up in Nor-Cal! And I would gladly pay for a PPV of the race tonight, but it seems they won’t even offer it! So it seems all of us that can’t get FS2 are screwed again!

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Please someone post a link for the race tonight for those of us who don’t get FS2

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Does anyone have the video from opening ceremonies when all the riders were kind of making fun of each other? That was brilliant and hilarious, I wanna watch it again.

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The report I read said Reed was retiring but it was Dungey's speech when he retired! Fake news is now hitting the MX/SX series now!!!

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Maybe Tomac should just quit now and just train for the MXON!! Geez you keyboard warriors have it all figured out!

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I agree! It used to be an honor to ride for the USA and guys were stoked to get selected to ride! Remember back in the day we used to bitch and complain because certain riders were not picked to go? Now they just don't want to go! Used to be about Pride ... more »

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With Kenny being young and in phenomenal shape, the right physical therapy, and not rushing to return until he is 100% healed and ready. I'm gonna put my $ on A-1 2018. Technology and the fact that his Dr is one of the best in the business I'm hoping ... more »

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I sell crack and E 14th st accounts for 68% of all my business!!

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Thanks again Dwayne for yesterday brother!!!! Had an awesome time. Good seeing ya again
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Who's going to A-1? My brother and I are driving down from Nor-Cal early Friday morning. Where is everyone gonna be on Friday night? We need to set up somewhere we can all meet up for drinks/dinner/bench racing etc. used to do it at Dave and Busters. ... more »

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Rent a car, bring a BBQ and some drinks in a cooler, food and a few lounge chairs. Have a little BBQ and eat after the races in the parking lot. By the time your done all the traffic will be gone.

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Dammit!! Shut down already

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I think knitting is on ESPN maybe you should be watching that. It is a little less dangerous

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Heard he's been hanging out with Justin Bieber