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Have to agree, while on holiday in 2011 my son had an opportunity race in the amateur series the two days before the world GP, we hired a 65 and 85 from a local company and hoped for the best. Anyway he was able to win both classes and although he wasnt ... more »

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Stop fucking around..Dont you like him?

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have to agree, he made it sound like all the riders camped at the stadium the last 3 races.

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Have to agree, never was a big mathes fan. Dog act defending Rut.

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I don't wonder,.. I know a lot of current and ex racers get here.

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Fuck No!

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I would sack you!

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Same here. Kid has grown up so much,i think (hope) this is his year.

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If your in N.S.W go see Greg Moss. He has great rut tracks.

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Loved seeing Trey Canard. What an awesome dude!

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So do I,.. hows your health?

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And Thank your wife.... smart chick

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I still have mine also,found this plate advertised in one US magazine.By the time i sent my money order by mail and then the return postage it took nearly 4 weeks to arrive.Got some yellow plastic sheet and cut the numbers by hand. It was fitted ... more »
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I think your wrong, go back and have a look at how many people go out of there way to post about how Ralph, He is very bad,

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I agree, i try to insure as much as i can. However if somebody broke into my home regardless of insurance i would definitely want more than my belongings back.

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Whats with this WE shit? Make your own mind up... I think they are both great for the sport.

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I would have said Fuckhead!

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Yes they were great times,i have most the of the posters and even kept some of the programs.One day i will get them mounted.
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I would roll through those doubles... very slow.

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Cant believe you havnt come on board earlier considering the bikes you have. Enjoy Vital.