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I actually missed what happened to Tomac, did Barcia take him out?

Added reply in a thread Best Suzuki team? JGR vs LVN100 vs HEP Motorsports 2/1/2018 7:17 AM

This is a tough one.... JGR looks lack compared to the other 2 teams however the amount of factory and trickness is second to none. LVN100 - Super clean and beautiful with a nice splash of trickness. IMO yellow and blue always looked better than yellow ... more »

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Hill, AC and AP are 3 dudes who next year (AC might not go up next year) will make an immediate impact at the top of the 450 class. All 3 instant podium dudes when they move up.

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I’m sure JGR has that bike dialed lower wise and it’s no turd. Hopefully what ML512 mentioned about suspension testing this week really helps him out. Justin is a much better 450 rider and will surprise a shit ton of people when he moves up. He’s probably ... more »

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AC will be a multi time champion once he gets on a 450. If Kawi was halfway smart they would let him ride the opposite coast on a 450 like JMart is doing now. He will be a beast on that 450 and so will AP but I bet Yamaha snags him since Webb isn’t setting ... more »

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What was even more amazing his how many times Challen wadded himself in the whoops that day, it was insane! Defiantly a tough kid to keep getting up and going again! It was almost comical how many times and how bad he would eat it.

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In the tunnel and pits it got crazy! Grandpa was going after Osby big time but his crew was holding him back. If I was thinking I would have filmed it but I was trying to round up my 9year old daughter and keep her out of the fiasco.

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Any links to the show? It sounds like a recent interview but I don't see anything on Pulp mentioning him on a recent podcast.

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A happy and healthy Hill is a dangerous man. He has more talent than anyone in the class but has always been injured or fighting bike set up. You see what a healthy Hill did last Supercross season. Now he is even happier and healthier, I think he will ... more »

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Bad ass!!! QNR!!

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250's I am going to go with Justin Hoeft as my surprise pick, dude is super fast and what he did in the 2- 450 nationals he raced this past summer he definitely has the speed and endurance. I would like to say Baggett, Tickle, Webb and Wilson but all ... more »

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I read through the first 5 pages of this and then skipped to the end... but personally my thoughts, while probably not popular, I say let these athletes use to a point. I think USADA is freaking joke and they doping agencies need to loosen the rings ... more »

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Jimmy's a stud, I hope he keeps announcing the outdoors, he did a killer job and added a freshness to it that was needed.

Added reply in a thread little John Murphy or Redline, which bmx frame did you have? 11/25/2017 5:11 PM

I had an old red anodized FMF aluminum frame in the early 80’s that I would kill to have today!! The. I went with a mid 80’s GT that was bad ass. Now I am rolling the 2018 SE Racing Mike Buff Big Ripper!

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Just picked these up the other day.

... more »
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Gaerne SG12's were awesome for me. FIt perfectly everywhere and totally comfortable.

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RIP Tom, a true icon in this sport.

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Oneal is looking good these days. I loved the Bullet gear from the mid 80's. I hope he has a great season and glad to see Oneal still making nice looking gear.