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I really hope DC didn’t sign a multi year contract with these guys. The tv package for moto has always been a shit show, gotta watch moto one on this network and moto 2 on another network. I was excited for Mav, finally a motor sport focused network ... more »

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Will this team be 250 only next year? I know Deano is rumored to be on the team next year, I hope he isn’t dropping down for the 250 class.

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Kinda looks like KTM is throwing away the relationship by not paying their best rider to race the series. KTM is fucking this up.

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Seems to me they’re still going on…. They have Raha and Emig among others still representing.

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What’s crazy is KTM saying they have 2 riders committed to the first 2 rounds. What if both the 5 and 222 are done after 2 rounds? They can’t rely on AP to carry the flag, he won’t be up to speed and is always hurt. It’s going to be an interesting summer

... more »
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SBJ Investment group co-owned with Troy. As I understand it Troy still owns his portion of the company and SBJ is the portion that sold. SBJ had been co-owners for years with Troy so I wouldn’t expect much to change since TLD had been operating in this ... more »

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No fill in for Honda but if they did it would be cool to see them promote Clason to the big rig.

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He’s getting tall, he’s got great style!

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Several years ago I recycled the first 2 years of Racerx while cleaning out an old storage tote. A few months later I saw what the first few mags were gone for, what a dumbass!!

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This thing is sick!!!! Drew Adams is going to kill it on this thing. I love watching that kid ride. The second coming of RC, lol…. Physically appearance only!

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A healthy AC is winning motos and upsetting DF14's easy ride he has going.

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Jmart and PC Kawi will be a championship winning combination and Mitch would be smart to put him on a 450 at some opposite coast races. He could have a great season and swoop in and take Forkners 450 ride at Kawi.

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He's going to crush it! He's one of those dudes that you can't stop watching when hes on the track. His style and speed are bad ass! It will be nice to see someone from the PNW kick some ass since RV retired.

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He’s going to take the summer off and come out swinging on the new kawi and get some SX wins!

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Kawi needs to pick up Dungey to replace Eli. I bet Dunge has a solid chance at a title after a few year break, fully relaxed, healed, has perspective and hunger. Wouldn’t be a bad move on kawis part.

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While I’m not much of a fan of the riders on MCR I was really hoping the team had a good year and raced the outdoors. The more teams and riders out there the better, but I don’t think anyone would have predicted the absolute horrible year they’ve had. ... more »

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Exactly, just found this pic. The kid is fun to watch, I think if he doesn’t fall victim to the pitfalls and traps like other really good kids have, he will be a star for sure.

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I was watching a Swap video a few months back and there was a kid who was on a KX85 flat out hauling the mail. Little chubby red headed kid, looks like a modern day RC at that age.....I think he is now wearing Canvas gear if that is a clue.....The kid ... more »

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I’m asking because I don’t know, but did Kenny steal coops lady or Coop steal Kenny’s lady a few years back? Isn’t that what started all of the bad blood between those 2?