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While I’m not much of a fan of the riders on MCR I was really hoping the team had a good year and raced the outdoors. The more teams and riders out there the better, but I don’t think anyone would have predicted the absolute horrible year they’ve had. ... more »

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Exactly, just found this pic. The kid is fun to watch, I think if he doesn’t fall victim to the pitfalls and traps like other really good kids have, he will be a star for sure.

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I was watching a Swap video a few months back and there was a kid who was on a KX85 flat out hauling the mail. Little chubby red headed kid, looks like a modern day RC at that age.....I think he is now wearing Canvas gear if that is a clue.....The kid ... more »

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I’m asking because I don’t know, but did Kenny steal coops lady or Coop steal Kenny’s lady a few years back? Isn’t that what started all of the bad blood between those 2?

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Ralph was a one of a kind person, always smiling and had a heart of hold. He did do much for moto, like others mentioned he spent a fortune of his own money on Washougal and keeping it alive. Such a great dude and much love to the entire Huffman family ... more »

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Carson is one of the first generation guys that has grown up riding supercross tracks from an early age with the expectations to come out swinging and be great from the get go much in the way Deegan’s are going about it. Imagine all that pressure and ... more »

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Barcia's bike is one of the baddest looking rides on the starting line! So bitchen'

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I can't help but admire Josh living the life he is now after that wreck and damage to his leg. He still gets paid pretty well to ride his dirtbike, which one of us wouldn't give our left nut to be in those shoes? And the fact he can still line up and ... more »

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The real question is how many seconds does he win by at Daytona? I

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That was one of the better shows. Had me cracking up a few times.

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The kid is bad ass. I am sure he's making a great living having fun on his dirt scooter.

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Tomac. The series champion was 1 second away from being lapped!!! I’m an ET3 fan, but that was an embarrassing evening.

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It’s so strange, he made a post a while ago about now that his daughter is here how important it was going to be to bust his butt and provide for her and all that good stuff. Then a few weeks later he walks from MCR. The dude has the talent to be in ... more »

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I was so happy to see him win, how can you not root for the guy! I’d love to see him get the title and slot up to the Star 450 ride next year

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Great show!!! But jeeezuz. Donnie won’t shut up!! GL isn’t that bad..... most of the time he’s a little talkative but most of the time GL has valuable input. You can tell Donnies even getting on Pings nerves. Lol. Mitch is a great interview!

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Very cool interview on a guy I don’t think many people knew much about. It was a good watch for sure!

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I hear ya! Brown is suspected to be out for most of SX and we know Mosiman is pretty fragile. They would have been smart to double up on the riders, especially for a new manufacturer breaking into the market.

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Cool ad, the video was cool and the bat was good. This must have been a very lucrative deal for Barcia to lure him away from the fat Alpinestars deal he had. I’m also surprised it’s only a 3 rider team, figured they would want more bikes out there.

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Clouts rides against JB were great rides, and I’m not taking anything away from Joey, he’s obviously bad dude. I’d take Clout in a full series anyway over Joey given that he’s never completed a full 450 season without injury. Clout has way more upside ... more »

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This thread makes me want to cry!! Lol. Born and raised in Palmdale, my dad worked the track with Jack for many years, I cleaned the trash along the fence lines for a few years after school to earn a few bucks. Those were good times, Jeff Barbacovi (RIP) ... more »