Started new thread Anyone run PHDS bar mounts? 11/2/2020 6:44 PM

Looking to get some opinions on them. Broken my thumb twice and now it goes numb constantly when riding. Hoping these might help, but they’re pretty pricey for some bar mounts..

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Also 5'10 200lbs. MD/LG size fits good. Doesn't give me nipple rash unlike the A1? does. (white plastic one) Doesn't breath exceptionally well, but is decent for sure. I normally run it outside the jersey when practicing and under jersey when racing. ... more »

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Seen this bad boy pop up over the weekend, and pulled the trigger. Let’s how round 2 of the 350 goes.

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Couple yz’s in stock in Texas. Going to check out this week.

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Whoever did the work did a badass job!!

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I’m so torn between getting a 21 kx250, YZ250F or fc350. I had a 17 350sxf and just remember hating it. Being at 200lbs even, I think any 250 might not be enough. I just remember not liking how on and off the hydro clutch is on the ktm 350. I also hated ... more »

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Really curious also. I’ve called several dealers in Texas and neither Yamaha or Kawasaki have a date

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Soften the suspension just a tad, look for good lines, and depending how long the race is a Camelback. (Low profile one).

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They're called die cut numbers. I know split co designs does them. I would assume any graphics companies could do them.

Started new thread WTB yz250 clutch basket or whole assembly 5/24/2020 7:37 PM

Looking to get a either a whole new assembly or just basket. Time to replace the oem and looking for billet one for 2014 yz250 Thanks

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How much for the pegs?

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Check the clutch cover. A Honda clutch cover will show signs of riding after 1hr. After 20 hours all the black will be completely gone just about. Try and look at the radiator hoses and wiring real close and see how clean it is. Spots that are really ... more »

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Mobil-1 4T 10-40 is what I ran/run in my 12 rmz450 and 15 rmz 250 for years with no problem and many other bikes. Easy to get and reasonably priced. Change it often and keep the air filter clean and it will run forever. The only oil I've had trouble ... more »

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Going from 150lbs to 200lbs, 2 kids and alot of coors light will do it for you.

Added reply in a thread Did Ralph tone it down tonight? 2/22/2020 9:59 PM

He did call webb a her while he was on the line for main 2 I believe.

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This is my first year playing and in 2,000 something. I don't understand how two people with a 2 handicap finsh behind each other in the top 10 one gets double points and the other doesn't. Reading the rules really doesnt make sense how the scoring is. ... more »

Started new thread ISO 2017 CRF450 Wheels 1/21/2020 9:19 AM

Looking for some wheels for a 17 crf450 black rim red hub. call or text 972-754-4964

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Listen to the pulp show from this week. They had his agent on there. Bunch of good info.

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Who knows maybe Yamaha, Kawi, or Honda want to dethrone Ktm In off-road and willing to get close to his salary. A lot more people show up to off road races than Moto races. 85-90% are Ktm’s. You wonder why because they win at the biggest stage in off ... more »