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Champions gunna be Champions. It doesn't matter what era, what bikes, what tracks...they know how to work.

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I think this is a cool topic... but apparently there aren't a lot of folks with "unconventional" bike racing stories... I have one to share! My entry to this unconventional discussion

is a 1996 XR400 with an IMS 440 bigbore kit, Pro Circuit ... more »
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Dear Mr. DeHoop, I am writing to encourage you through your recovery from your recent injuries. I don’t do the social media thing aside from lurking on Vital with an occasional post so hopefully this message will make its way to you. I understand what ... more »

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We're "super pumped!" for this event especially since it's so close to home. These guys were/are exciting to watch on 2 wheels - not sure why 4 wheels would be any different. See ya'll there!

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Can anyone share a designated place (forum or web page) where track owners an or race promoters can post their upcoming special races? I'm thinking of cool events like Baja Brawl, Red Bud grass race, hybrid hare scramble/mx races, 24 hr team races etc... ... more »

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I fixed your Engineer definition...YW ENGINEER: One who gets excited about things that no one cares about...but everyone relies on.

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... more »
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This^^^^^^ Knobby knailed it

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****Warning looong post***** After reading this weeks “Exhaust” column and listening to the Red Bull Straight Rhythm podcast I had some thoughts of what was said and wanted to see what yuze guyz thought. As it is, 2-strokes are on the fringe of MX/SX ... more »

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Motocross: Budds Creek Unadilla National track Unadilla Amateur Track Binghamton Walden Some sweet track in Maine (Not 207-cant remember name) Tomahawk Happy Ramblers Sleepy hollow Pleasure valley Antietam Glen Helen Starwest Mammoth Perris Dublin Gap ... more »

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If only Germany had a territory or protectorate he could ride for...Like Team Ghana or something...

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When I read "arc of his progress" this is what popped into my head...He always seems to build momentum only to fall short at the end when it counts.

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Wow, that was hard to read... RIP Nicky. Will never forget sitting in the stands at Indianapolis watching practice when i hear this bike revving to the moon look over and its #69, knee down, rear wheel smoking - flattracking the bike around the left ... more »

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"Roczen will never be the same" - True, but does that mean he cant be as competitive as before? (reference FLmxer response) He will simply have to adapt to his new situation. You cant keep this type of person down. Side note: RJ's injury was on his throttle ... more »

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I know this isn't following the trend of the replies but I have to agree with Matthes on this one. From my perspective (unless i missed something) Steve's main point was simply If Tomac took out Dunge in the latter "pass" attempts then AMA and KTM would ... more »

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I was watching the race in my studio which is inside my shop which is 50ft from my house. I was yelling so loud my dog came out from the house to the studio to see if I was OK!

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^^ Nailed it! At this stage in his career any press is good press.

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The forks do have the integrated caliper mount. The setup doesn't come with a lower triple clamp but with the sleeves they will fit the stock clamps as long as the clamp ID matches 54mm top and 58.5mm bottom.

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I dont remember the exact year but i'm pretty sure it was off a YZ400f. Yes the tires come with the package - but they are pretty old (like ~10 years old) so they might only be good for burning laps in practice...