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New thread Any MX storage / indoor facilities? 10/7/2019 6:29 AM

Just asking if there are any MX clubs/facilities out there anymore. A place where you store/work on your bike close to or at the facility?I seem to recall that there used to be a few in the northeast (Connecticut/Mass) area? any of you guys know of any? ... more »

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New thread Why does Feld feel they need to have a NASCAR driver in the booth? 4/28/2019 7:42 AM

The demographic doesn't fit SX. NASCAR is loosing fans and they are trying to force it into SX. The're are so many better personalities to put in the booth. I don't think it adds anything to the broadcast. in fact it takes away. Thoughts?

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New thread Hunter Lawrence 12/14/2018 11:55 AM

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New thread What is going on with ML512? 8/4/2017 10:46 AM

The hair is a throwback to That Girl (i know I'm dating myself). Or Sam

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New thread 2002 Honda CR250R 2 stroke $4500 Orange County 3/5/2017 9:15 PM

2002 Honda CR250R 2 stroke $4500 Orange County This bike has been gone through and I have too many extras to mention Custom Flow Cone pipe and carbon fiber silencer polished frame Ride Engineering 22mm clamps TUbliss tire system Dubya wheels (AC60 rims

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New thread I wonder if Red Bull will... 10/5/2016 9:17 PM

Provide the Monster athlete Josh Hill a charging station for his new bike at the RBSR?

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New thread Oakley experiancing BIG changes 7/28/2016 12:55 PM

I cant see how they can move marketing out of that building! The building IS their marketing. This news cant be good for the big O die hards. I wonder what Janard is thinking? Oakley Announces Structural Changes as Final Move by Luxottica’s Organizational

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New thread Deterrate... 3/5/2016 8:41 PM

Why is it that 3 broadcasters cannot pronounce the word deteriorate? Time after time. Does this drive anybody else crazy, or is it just me?

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New thread Eli vs. Tree 6/11/2015 2:18 PM

Do you guys remember this from Southwick 2012? He hit that tree hard. I always wondered if this hurt his shoulder. I wonder if some of the damage being repaired now is from this...

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New thread This is BIG news 6/10/2015 6:55 AM

I am sure there will be a lot more fallout from this... RVINE, Calif. – Kawasaki has named renowned racing industry veteran Bruce Stjernstrom to lead racing operations, replacing senior racing manager Reid Nordin, who has left the company. Stjernstrom ... more »

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New thread Eli Out for the season! 6/2/2015 5:39 PM

Gutted for him!

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New thread Peick Has Torn MCL 2/18/2015 11:12 AM

Says he's racing Atlanta. Good thing he chews MCL's like beef jerky for a snack...

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New thread Official PR about FOX HEAD 12/11/2014 9:01 AM

Not sure if this was posted yet... Altamont Capital Partners Leads Majority Recapitalization of Fox Head, Inc. Palo Alto, Calif., Dec. 10, 2014 – Altamont Capital Partners (Altamont) today announced it is leading a majority recapitalization of Fox Head, ... more »

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New thread Ground Breaking 11/21/2014 11:56 AM

I am not sure this is the right way to introduce a helmet GROUND BREAKING head and BRAIN protection? Bad choice me thinks.

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New thread HONDA WIN? 8/23/2014 8:18 PM

When was the last time a Honda 450 went 1-1? RC?

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New thread Jake Masterpool is my hero! 7/30/2014 6:00 PM

Dude shredded on a YZ125 against a field of 250F's and ran second until the white flag and he was passed. He gets on the podium and is asked why he ran a 125. his answer The bike is so much fun to ride and I had a blast on it Kudos Jake. Jesse is proud ... more »

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New thread RV has Aldon's replacement 7/8/2014 9:40 AM

Word on the street is RV sold his place in Florida and will be working with this guy

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New thread Really MXA? 5/30/2014 3:51 PM

Maybe I am ultra sensitive?

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New thread American Motocross... 5/24/2014 8:08 PM

American Motocross is alive and well. Great racing and great to be back at arguably the nastiest motocross track on the circuit. Thanks MX Sports for all you do for the sport.

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New thread Bogle 4/24/2014 10:36 PM

Dude goes from having the nastiest crash of his career and no way to race SX in 2014 . Then, watching the 3 guys in green dominate the podium in front of him, only to win his first race on the eve of his 21st b day. Now the guy looks to win a 250 SX ... more »

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