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There is more to come. The person that is documenting the history is releasing one chapter every month or two. Glad you guys are digging it!

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From Yoshimura's website.... Developed and tested in the heat of over 24 months of factory level racing Aggressive, intelligently designed, asymmetrical shaped RS-12 profile allows maximized muffler volume that helps manage sound, add power and provide ... more »

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Great video!

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I don't think we have seen or heard the last of Ping. He has too much good stuff to contribute.

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Just asking if there are any MX clubs/facilities out there anymore. A place where you store/work on your bike close to or at the facility?I seem to recall that there used to be a few in the northeast (Connecticut/Mass) area? any of you guys know of any? ... more »

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Juan Pablo, Thanks for all the great shots for the GP/Bits the past season!!!

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What is a magazine?

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Your style is unorthodox...but effective!

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Guest appearance by e bike media guy

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Anyone else would have died on the track, Weston is one bad mofo. His comeback is going to be very much appreciated. To call WP “jaws” would be an understatement. More metal than hellraiser

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The demographic doesn't fit SX. NASCAR is loosing fans and they are trying to force it into SX. The're are so many better personalities to put in the booth. I don't think it adds anything to the broadcast. in fact it takes away. Thoughts?

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Audio not working...

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St. Jude For The Win.

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Shaking camera, skipping the questions the guy asks js7, bad editing, children screaming in the back the whole time.. Seriously we all waited 2 years to hear from this dude and we get that. Great video from what he says but other than that it was just a mess.

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is that Milestone?

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Thanks for that Motofinne. I had no idea.