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That thing’s cool! I’ll bet it’d be a blast.

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Old news, but here's a link. Honestly, I'm not as involved as I used to be within the industry, so things could have changed since this.

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Hooking it Tape it Cut a streak

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Here's the breakdown for total entries at Loretta Lynn's this week. Anyone surprised by these numbers? BRAND TOTAL OVERALL MARKET SHARE COBRA 112 7% HONDA 80 5% HUSABERG 1 0% HUSQVARNA 229 15% KAWASAKI 149 10% KTM 581 38% OTHER 2 0% SUZUKI 47 3% TM 5 ... more »

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These are the ones that the factory race teams use in their shops. Really expensive, but very sturdy!

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So now we have orange KTMs, white KTMs, and red KTMs. Anyone know when the blue, green, and yellow versions will be available?

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Sad to learn that Dave Miller passed away today. The guy was a pure moto artist, building some of the coolest stuff we’ve ever seen. I was lucky to know him and learn a thing or two from him back in the day. Thanks for the memories and good times Dave! ... more »

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You think they drug that sled to the races in this?

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If you attended national championship amateur or professional races in the ‘80s and ‘90s, chances are you met Dr. Medsker. The guy simply loved motocross. Dr. Medsker’s son posted the following this morning about his father. This morning my father Dr.

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Have an industry buddy who is there and he informed me that it was cancelled about an hour or so ago. Three laps of practice, and it was shut down. now, everybody’s in a rush to get back home.

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It most likely started out as a 1984 KX80-E2. Macbeth is correct in all of his statements. The '84 was the first year for a front disc brake system, and the swingarm is the style that was used on the 1983 and 1984 KX80s. Starting in '85, the swingarm ... more »

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Carl came over in 1991 for the Mini-Os and his main competition was Kevin Windham. I worked for Kawasaki at the time, and we brought a 1991 KX80 for him to ride. Honestly, we didn't expect much out of him because so many foreign riders in previous years ... more »

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Just read a post on Facebook from Mike Bias about it. No details. I hate to hear this. I've known Davey since he was a little kid on minibikes, and he's a good dude. His parents, Dave and Mary, were just the best folks. I'm so sorry for them.

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Excellent! Moms are the unsung heroes in life.

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Somebody doesn't like their buddies being called out.

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Big Daddy

Cool article. I’ve known Irish for a few decades, and you’ll never meet a guy more passionate about racing and tires than him. He’s in for the long haul regarding motorcycle off-road tires, so look for more development as time progresses.

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Grab one of these to lift the bike once it's on the lift table. ... more »

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Yep. See above.

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They did that a few years back, having Verizon place a mobile cell tower on the property. It was awesome, because yes, cell service is very limited on the property with very few areas allowing for strong signals. They may have done that for a couple ... more »