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Reply to Internazionali d'Italia 2/27/2021 3:53 AM

Those races are pretty early in the year considered the GPs are starting pretty late and a good chance they are getting pushed back more. If I’m remember right this is also the reason Gajser is pulled out of this series wich he normally lines up.

Reply to Jordon Smith... 2/21/2021 9:10 AM

This crash not only cost him a shot at the title, but this will probably also be his last season as factory guy if he is not start winning multiple rounds.

Reply to Orlando 2 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 2/20/2021 9:05 AM

He has always been pretty good on the Euro SX races. But that’s 450 and a different ball game then a American SX. If I’m remember correctly he has never ridden a Main Event before so.. If think he has the skills and bike to put himself in the main but ... more »

Reply to Orlando 2 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 2/20/2021 9:00 AM

That West Coast looks pretty heavy and wild and we haven’t seen the A Group yet. Some guys wish they would have raced East or happy they those the East Coast.

Reply to Dutchies in the Dirt 2/20/2021 8:56 AM

Those injury’s really took his toll on Herlings. Hopefully he can win another title in the future, would be really nice for him and well deserved. Crazy to think has won like 90 GPs and only won 4 titles. He resigned last year for 3 years. He most likely ... more »

Reply to Is Tim Gajser the worlds best rider.. 2/17/2021 9:43 PM

Red Bull already has Herlings/Cairoli/Prado in the MXGP. I can see why Red Bull has no interest in Gajser. They already got 3 race winners in house. Monster could be the same part.. they are a big part of the Kawasaki and Yamaha team.

Reply to Hartraft? 2/15/2021 11:49 AM

Why did he made the move to 450s? Is he pointed out?

Reply to Tommy Searle AMA Unseen 2/14/2021 11:03 AM

Watching this back made me realize again how good Searle exactly was. He was amazing on a 250 and got succes off both side off the ocean. Sadly his 450 career never really took off and crazy to think he never made a MXGP Podium. His name fades a bit ... more »

Reply to Six points. 2/13/2021 12:10 AM

Can he do it? For sure! Will he do it? At this moment I don’t think so. Nichols seems to have more speed and fitness at this point and is in a better space mentally. Craig should try to keep the points close at possible after Orlando and work his but ... more »

Reply to Cédric Soubeyras in for 250 West coast 2/10/2021 10:57 AM

Seeing Thomas Do doing pretty well on the East got me thinking this would be something for Soubeyras. Now he is coming over for the West series haha! Do his results got the fire burning inside Soubeyras i guess. Looking forward to see him on track and ... more »

Reply to FXR Chaparral Honda Racing 2/10/2021 8:42 AM

Mumford looking really good on the Gram and YouTube video’s. Looking forward what he can do on the West Coast.

Reply to Desalle still wants to race US Nationals! 2/5/2021 5:32 AM

Would love to see it happen but this isn’t gonna be a easy one. He is not willing to ride for free and wants a decent deal. But I can’t see a team stepping up for outdoors with a extra rider, he also needs time to ride and test the bike and getting fit. ... more »

Reply to Was cc physically or mentally tired? 1/31/2021 9:28 AM

I agree with that. Even after the heat races he looks winded. He got it done at H1 but all other races he simply got spend and cost him spots at every race. H2 P2 to Nichols H3 P1 to Nichols Indy 1 could keep Nichols pace for a few laps but got dropped ... more »

Reply to Houston 3 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 1/23/2021 12:14 PM

Why is the 450 A in front of the 450 B? I don’t know the exact rules and follow it only since a short time. It would be more fair to first have the B class instead off the A.

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Reply to Houston 2 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 1/19/2021 12:45 PM

Friese looking good and fast today. Goodluck to all the guys that start behind him.

Reply to roczen trying to pass barcia 1/17/2021 10:27 AM

This, nothing more nothing less.

Reply to Congrats Justin Barcia 1/17/2021 9:30 AM

Great ride by BamBam! What a race to put GasGas on the Map. Couldn’t go any better for everyone involved. He got 2 killer starts out off the gate, if he can keep those starts up all season and be more consistent results/bike wise on the rounds where ... more »

Reply to RC’s IG Story 1/15/2021 12:44 PM

That was a big one! Hopefully he is healthy.

Reply to Max Anstie 1/13/2021 10:11 AM

What a bummer, what is his injury exactly?