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2020 Specialized Stumpjumper ST 29er. Picked up this weekend and couldn't be happier

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Rebuilding my dad's 04 CRF450 that's been sitting for a few (5+) years. I have the bike back up and running but have some misc parts I'd like to replace/upgrade. Looking for: -- Subframe -- Exhaust (prefer FMF, wanting header and muffler) -- Anything ... more »

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Filthy Phil in the 250 class (and by surprise I mean top 5's consistently). I think/hope Bogle picks up the pace this year and snags some podiums.

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If that's real, that seems like a killer deal on a bike.

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I've had a pair of Tech 10's for like almost 10 years and I have no issues other than expected wear and tear. I don't even take that good of care of them to be honest. I wash them when I wash my bike and throw them in the back of my garage till next ... more »

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Still searching for kickstarter assembly and any other spare parts anyone might have laying around.

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I put on a pair of latex gloves under my normal gloves to keep my hands warm. I sometimes have to put powder in them to keep blisters from coming up but my hands never get cold. Hoodies are good for me too since the front neckline is usually taller than ... more »

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I would hope there's other people at the track to help if something were to happen. Something I started doing is putting my family and wife as my emergency contacts on my phone where they are accessible without unlocking the thing so if I were to be ... more »

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I never said he was James. You have to admit the likelihood that a casual fan knows Malcom over Henry Miller is pretty high. Regardless of his last name, he's a recent 250 SX champ and has been on big name teams. What has Henry Miller done to get his ... more »

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PW50's are the best things ever. You could thrash those things and they just keep on chugging

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You want Malcom because of his name, Henry Miller because of his results outdoors. It would depend on what your goals as a team are. Do you have merchandise to sell? Sign Malcom. You want to have consistent results and presence outdoors? Sign Henry. ... more »

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Hey I used to work for the company that makes that product! Have you had good luck with the Evapo-Rust? They also make a product called Rust-Block that works pretty well as a preventative. It's not as easily accessible as the Evapo-Rust but you can order ... more »

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I'm tired of looking at my bike with bare plastics so I started searching for some graphics. I also have the RMZ front fender and number plate so I would need those to be adapted. Anyone have experience with getting these sourced as a complete kit? I've ... more »

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I try to focus on my shoulder stability also. Overhead presses and things like that work well for me

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Still have the RM shock?

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Pipe sourced. Still need a kickstarter and now looking for a CR style front brake line as well

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Sent texts to both of you guys

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Looking for an FMF pipe to replace the beat up one on the bike now. Would really prefer a Factory Fatty if anyone has a nice one of those laying around. I currently have the Fatty Moto but its pretty smashed up and starting to rust. If anyone has an ... more »

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If the fork guards sale falls through, I'll be your backup.

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This is my favorite photo of all time