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You are so smart. Glad vital's tech stack has kept up with the times, must be part of your genius too. You take pictures dude, no need to be a dick to the people who use your forum. Everyone rides your nuts, but it the grand scheme of things the site ... more »

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Great idea, hope he is successful in this venture.

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Kind of looks like what the FL boys already train in.

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Do they get drug tested by FIM? If not they should.

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Heard it was top 6 the 7th place kid is the one who protested. Bikes were locked up until this morning, we should be hearing more soon.

Started new thread Day 3 stream 8/1/2019 5:51 AM

Anyone know the link for the live stream for day 3 of Lorettas?

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This kid is a class act and a hell of a rider, hate to see him out. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this ripper. Sucks because he has been in some of the best battles this year.

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Yeah your right. What does Nashville know about tourist income. Please fill me in on how much the SX race brought to that town? Between the NFL draft, their pro sports teams and all the music venue this was peanuts and not worth the hassle... MOTO IS ... more »

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Nashville is gone, they did not really want it from the start. They tested it, it failed. The city can make 10X more money from other events that brings in way more people. The turnout of that race was pathetic compared to most anything they do in Nashville. ... more »

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What left does he have to prove? Go have fun and make tons of money in your last few years. Good for him, rather retire and walk, than be forced to retire in a chair for the rest of my life. He has been a joy to the sport and has taken it to another ... more »

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I don't think it brought enough for Nashville to even notice. Hints it is a bigger pain than ROI for them just to say, no thanks.

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He grew up ridding hondas and ktms....

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This is what he would need to pay out of pocket before being seen.

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I have known him since we were kids, nothing the dude can't do on a dirtbike.

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Not very funny...

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Looks good so far

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So dumb.

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Is it for press then? Why not prep and be ready?

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Does she qualify for her first pro race tomorrow? Thoughts?

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