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Asking for a friend. He smashed his chainguide with a rock and broke its aluminium support from the swingarm... It has been welded twice but with a not so big hit with a rock it breaks again, so he is looking for a new swingarm... Which years and bikes ... more »

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Hey, I live in Marbella, pretty close to tarifa.... For the type of tracks that we have around. I am sure that an enduro bike is good enough for anyone..... Beside the bike..... Are there any good trails in Tarifa to ride enduro?. I Know in San Roque ... more »

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It was a good win but he was not winning by 28 seconds. Two laps earlier it was just 11 seconds and herlings was catching him.... He prob realized that catching him was not happening and slowed down. Anyways congrats Tomac

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I ride off road and really wanted to try them.... But only reference I get is a friend that had one ride with them and threw them to the trash....I am not saying that they are no good, just he feels they do not work were we ride ( we here what works ... more »

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Sorry but the new gas gas is a whole new bike. All but the engine is completely new. You are thinking about the 17 gas gas that is the same as the 15... But the new 18 is completely different

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I think that you can not compare european gas to the gas in USA. At least here in spain (and probalby in italy too), gas is pretty consistent, nobody here runs race gas because there is no issue with regular gas pump, plus our octane rating system is ... more »

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I had a fork that was doing that..... Polished the tubes, changed bushings and seals and problem solved

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Why would you not use it? You think Ktm installs a chain that is not to be used?

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That bike is a rebranded Sherco

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I have installed regular OEM rings in a prox and a vertex cr125 piston. No problems after mor hours than desired for a 125

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Has anyone tried the Thor prime fit? I am thinking about getting the black and white set, the one that Jason Anderson wore last race. It is not vented but any one knows if the set is any good for hot weather?

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I raced my first race of the year in what would be similar to a state championship in the states. It was an Enduro race and finished 16 in my class out of 40 something. Was a nice weekend

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She gets my vote

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That is a good idea, Thanks.

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That is what I am thinking. After full dissasembly, cleaning and lubing, it has not improved. I am going to check if it is the caliper bracket. If it is not and is the mounting lugs, I am going to file the lugs to make for its twisting. Any other idea ... more »

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I was a suporter but if he isclean from drugs and still scamming the fans.... thats no good

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Last ride I realized the front brake rotor was weared like a knife, I mean the exterior side of the rotor was really sharp, they I saw the brake pad had eatin its braking material? on the top of it (the exterior side of the rotor). So I installed a new ... more »

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I am not from the states but I think It might be there same everywhere..... Look for an architect, and a good one not a cheap one, tell him what your needs are, and trust him..... The look for 3/4 contractors once the project is complete so they can ... more »