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Rode there in the early 80’s loved it district 3 was were it was at then Mexico NY(Motomasters) Oriskany Falls(Thunder ridge) and Broome Tioga three very special places each for their own incredible reasons.Of course Unadilla was the crown jewel but ... more »

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Yamaha went white in Canada in 82

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All the cool cats are heading to Denny's.

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Bastedoes are entrenched in Canada like snow in winter last I heard Marilyn was thee FIM representative for Canada as well. They view the CMA as their piggy bank and will not spend anything on any type of pro racing.Visit the CMA website and see what ... more »

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Wasn't the first won't be the last.I'm not disagreeing with anything you've said.His attitude like the attitude of those that have gone before him is exactly what makes our sport so great.It is literally and figuratively about overcoming obstacles.

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Flyin' Brian career derailed by hypoglycemia one of my favourites growing up, the sports true heyday.

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This thread is so cool and has been so much fun for me thank you ,well done.

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Welcome to Vital to answer your question it is just simply a meat grinder .Everybody knows this one fact in MX the injury rate is 100% at every level.The only question is the severity.At the pro level they are almost always severe. After 10 years or ... more »

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You didn't miss anything it was a total bush league production from start to finish.Literally painful to watch.My favorite part was the camera on Cole Thompson after the main win getting hugs and high fives while Gauldy was still calling the dice between ... more »

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Wow somebody lost a job because they were sick/injured jeez that's never ever happened before.Unbelievable.

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So the original sale price was $1500.00 for forks, rear shock and triple clamps? boy, you yanks got it good.....

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Signed up today just seems to be randomly mimicking others...

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Sorry bud was out riding it works for me if you change the year to 2013 probably because it's the same book.I'm also in Canada don't know if that makes a difference but printing it off is a lot cheaper and easier than buying one.Plus you've always got ... more »

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Go to Yamaha Australia on google for some reason all their manuals are posted online.Used them when I bought a used ttr50 for the boy.

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Rumour in these parts is they never paid Popkum for the use of the track and when they complained they were left off the schedule.But as far as rumours go I'm sceptical of that one because there is another one out here that Popkum just did not want to ... more »

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ASV not cheap but.....easy peasy

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Like him or not he is as tough as they come.He eats nails for breakfast and shits barbed wire.He will be back.

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One tooth bigger on the rear sprocket ,10cc less fork oil and the ability to rail the out side of corners on a track that isn't immaculately groomed.

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Heal up quick.Do everything you can to keep the rest of your body as healthy as you can.It will really help in the long run.Best of luck and chin up!

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Takes 4 months to win the title but you can piss it away in a milli second pretty sure KRoc is well aware of this.