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The Specifics are 1.Retired 2. Far from peak shape 3.Did not beat anybody of note 4.Had lots of fun 5. Could still mop the floor with everyone on this site.6.Got to hang out with Pops 7.Explained to Barcia why his boots felt sticky after their return ... more »

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Cool kid, sweet ass ride and an awesome wife who just wants her man to be happy. If the Chiefs win the Superbowl your life will be perfect.

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So my buddy who I've ridden with for 8 years or so won't let my knee braces in the cab of the truck when we carpool to the track and sometimes its my truck.Same for my tech 8's but you would clean them all for free! Cool.

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Condolences Rob I'm sorry you've lost your friend thank you for sharing RIP Adey.

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That racing to qualify on Saturday then racing again for the actual race win and world championship points on Sunday leaves you in pretty good riding/racing shape by the end of the year.

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I still miss Erin Bates

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Britain and Canada enter WW1 August 4th 1914 the US April 6th 1917. Britain and Canada enter WW2 September 3rd 1939 the US November 8th 1942.We appreciated all your help though even if you were quite late to the party.With stats like that I guess your ... more »

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Was wondering the same thing absolutely gutted for them all because they were having great rides and you know they could feel their bikes going away from them.Was thinking oversized radiators may have helped but it did not look good for the mean green ... more »

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You need to start to realize America means the most only to Americans the rest of the world cares about the world.And MX and SX are really two completely different sports.Don't believe me how many on here have ever ridden a real SX track? I would say ... more »

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Thank you for sharing!

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Wow so Tomac didn't get beat straight up at home by a 17 year old Spanish kid on a 250?

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Melania's home .hillbilly

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Canadian Ross Pederson did not start racing until he was 17 don't think he was riding much before that either ended up with 42 titles our GOAT.

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Happy Birthday hope you had fun.

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Jealousy envy stupidity take your pick it's a winner take all mentality these days which leaves an awful lot of losers. I'm only speaking for myself of course but for the most part I've found losers are cool which is why I race MX so I can hang out with ... more »

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A bit surprised 6D not on the list

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Rest and heal up take your time and listen to the experts try not to let the rest of your body go to waste. Your injured leg will atrophy thats just a part of it. Cycling is what I did to bring mine back. Best of luck and don't get down at least its ... more »

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My 2 cents to go with the above start in 2nd patience with the clutch up to 3rd sooner than you think you should then.....dabble dabble dabble one finger gently with the clutch all the way down the line while wicking it in 3rd or if your at Glen Helen ... more »

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I've actually never seen anyone in SEVEN gear at any event ever but funny enough my buddy has a SEVEN MTB helmet he got for a ridiculous mark down on Chain Reaction.Does anybody (amateurs) wear this stuff at local races anywhere?

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If anybody would know it would be you ML quit being so modest.And while we are on the subject I would like your profile picture to be changed to that one of you looking OH SO FABIO! Please and thank you that is all.