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Whoa Pillow Tops are my favorites please post some pictures after you've taken her out for a rip and......let us know what you think although I'm pretty sure your gonna like it.

Added reply in a thread CR to race Ironman as JGR fill-in STRONG VALID THEORY 8/16/2018 3:32 PM

If he gets a good start and doesn't crash he should do well.

Added reply in a thread Spoke with my overtime... 8/15/2018 6:32 PM

Congrats on being sponsored by your own heart, determination and effort a true MX'er if ever there was one.Good show.

Added reply in a thread Cooper Webb with the JGR Team 8/15/2018 4:45 PM

Under Decoster's guidance anything is possible the key being 1) Webb has to want it and 2) He needs to listen to Decoster. History has shown that the MAN provides good advice and those that heed it do substantially better than those who do not.

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At least your not bitter...

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no stamp it

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yz 125 2018 6299 CDN plus 175 499 and tax basically @USD 5k for a brand new bike

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Yes you can flip the blocks 2 is a big jump plus you are probably going to end up with the axle all the way forward which will change the handling quite a bit.Just make sure your chain doesn't end up too tight that will create a lot of stress on your ... more »

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I don't know what he's gonna charge you but I just put a set of these on my YZ 250 and they are sweet. As always I'm worried about durability 'cause it's hot and dry out there and there is a lot of hard pack in my neck of the woods.Put them on for a ... more »

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Show off...looks like your F stop needs adjusting Tee Hee

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You called it. I'm happy because if there are any injuries before the end of the year we have a few quality replacements to choose from. Pettis is the next rising star of Canadian moto and this will be a great opportunity for him on the world stage.Hopefully ... more »

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But........he'll still have his 2 World Championships MXDN title Monster energy cup $1,000,000.00 payout (that's 333k a moto not to shabby for one nights work) and the beautiful Matilde to console him.By the way just an FYI she's french too and it is ... more »

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Donnie Cantaloupi Denny Bentley Darrell Schultz Davi Strjibos Mike Guerra Neil Hudson Any info on what any of theses guys are doing or up to would be great thank you much appreciated

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This^^ like an old flame there is a reason why they were dumped and you moved on.Not saying they aren't still fun to ride every now and then just that times change...

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What's X Games?

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A quick trip to the MRC website will tell you everything you need to know about how smooth their takeover has been.

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Dumbgeon please

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Because they are.

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Here's an odd fact they (AMA)had to change the name from Trans Am to Trans USA under threat of a lawsuit from Pontiac.Saw the 1981 round at Unadilla still one of the greatest parties I've ever been to.And yes the other side did suck.

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Bob Hannah,Donnie Hansen, Gaylon Moiser, David Bailey all had career shortening or career ending injuries right at their peaks.Thats just the way she goes but...3/5 more years for each would have been nice.I know Hannah's wasn't shortened or ended per ... more »