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Millville 1996 Autograph Line Pit Picture

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At our campground, I run Sunoco Standard 110 in my 1989 E-Z-Go 3pg 2 stroke golf cart. Premixed at 128:1. Runs good, smells amazing!

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O.K. I guess I'll chime in here. I was born and raised in Sioux Falls. Growing up, I had the typical Briggs & Stratton mini bike, rode and jumped bicycles as far as we could off curbs and plywood ramps. Dad bought a couple junker 1972 Yamaha DT360's, ... more »

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I would gladly trade my 1993 CR500 for a running TW200 right now. I rebuilt the machine and she happily broke my collarbone in return. Been riding for 40 years, first broken bone. Haven't rode it since. Just want to ride for fun lol.

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I had a chrome one. Never used it. May still have it, but I feel like I may have of disposed of it. All I know is it makes you a King or a GOAT. Guess I should have used it.

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Get well! From Millville, 1996:

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Just noticed the rebar frame and custom rear brake rebar extension. Great upgrades!

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Looks like you can buy a new one for $279.99

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Still have these. No possible way I could ever fit into them ever again.

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So far, all that I have gleaned from this thread, is that Mercury should develop either their own dirt bike, or engines for other dirt bike manufacturers.

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Fair enough. The Cybertruck would not work for us to haul our 14K fifth wheel around the country. The Rivian also appears to have an ineffective bed, for my use. I do like when people or companies are willing to push the envelope on design and technology, ... more »

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Wow, some haters here. I realize that the design choices on the truck may not be for everyone, but lets be real here. This guy, this weirdo, eccentric, misunderstood person with all the money to do anything, choose to publicly get on stage and announce

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Anyone try this on Stadia?

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Go for it, it's great. Drove from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis alone to see Pantera at the Target Center in 1995. Lost a shoe in the pit, had a blast, nothing to worry about except myself and the music! Stopped at a Walmart on the way home, walked in with ... more »

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I was somewhat harsh on Ferrandis with his move on Craig, but I did not see anything wrong with any of his passes tonight. He was fast, aggressive, and clean with his passes. If you want to beat dylan, simply ride faster.

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Oh I see. I have the game for PS4, and would definitely like to buy some of the DLC on sale. Guess I'll have to wait. I rarely pay full retail for digital stuff. It goes on sale regularly!

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I checked the Playstation store, and Steam. It doesn't appear that there is currently a sale on DLC.