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It's far from a 'free for all' with DH MTB coverage. You'd be familiar with Ben Cathros' stuff? Well, he's been limited in his footage, at times. But, they've seen the benefit from his and others efforts being out there, and, opened things up a bit to ... more »

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Sharky #32, got a trip to the hospital from this - broken vertebrae - AC got a crap start, what with being the filling in the 'sandwich' and having Sharky (Andrew MacFarlane) down in front of him, as shown in your picture. Villo, coming over from the

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Cairoli a fish out of water at Budds Creek MXDN? Go find video of the event. The track was far from a deeply tilled / chocolate cake one. Cairolis' bike / the Italian Teams (and a couple of others) were held in customs (someone had packed food in his

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Now that's bloody Trick!

I've been contemplating a 'rack' to use on my 22yr old Ford banger, just for the ease of use. No messing around with vans , trailers etc, and, I think I might be able to deal with the paranoia of the bike being exposed ... more »
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It depends on the engine. They are Not all the same. I'm not near my CRE500 at the moment, but dim memory puts that center to center of 67/ 68 / 69mm. Modern bikes have gone smaller on that measurement, it just depends on the engines architecture. I ... more »

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When I read an earlier poster saying this company had developed a bolt in kit, I thought "that's interesting, how could that be made to work" . But for f**ks sake, go to 4.42 in the video to see the relationship of the countershaft center to the swingarm ... more »

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This is pretty exciting! I would absolutely buy one if they actually make it to the market..

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I'd not be surprised, Roberto. I read about the numbers allowed at Matterley Basin. Various reports seem to give different numbers on the limit imposed . But, yes, the tiny figure of 4,000 seems to be the number. Yikes! I'm not sure if it's still down ... more »

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50,000? That's complete and utter Lluongo The Drongo Bullshit. But, it's the sort of crap that All sports promotors get up to. Numbers inflation. I'd say about 15,000 / under 20,000. And, if you ad in day(s) before, well you get a reasonable bit more

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Yes - see the various covered spaces. Well, they were for spectators. They were chockers, and, at places, there was a reasonable amount of people at the fences. Though, that was mainly us 'Whities', being 'Mad' and getting baked / roasted in the sun. ... more »

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I attended all the Indonesian GPs in the last few years, and they had pretty good attendance. Better than Glen Helen (not having a go at you Mr Info - that US spectators didn't go, baffled me, but it shows how disinterested Californians are in GPs - ... more »

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Did you see the '4 Days with Team HRC' video? TG talking about a (uphill) set of doubles (or a double set of them - well, something bloody fearful as it was Maggiora), that he was just doing conventionally, then him having Chiodo, the mad old bastard,

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I'm pretty sue I first saw the facia release surgery way back in the 90s, and, being done on Road Racers (predominantly the 500 class) before I saw it being done by MXers. I'd get more arm pump on Road Track days, than I did on my Dirt Bikes. Just one

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So, it's going to be an Endurocross course / race only? If they are reduced to that, what might be a good idea, if they could, is to build an outdoor version of an Indoor Trials event (but, just a tad less full on) to have as a companion event to the ... more »

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Just a tip to try to minimize the habitual cracking of the Intake side of the CR500 pistons: Radius the edge of the barrel on the intake - more so than any you might do on other ports, say, after a re-bore. It's an iron liner, so nothing to chip off.

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They weren't.

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Is that the one that is permanently on fire?

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There's a Very good market for 250F engines that SH sold those engines into. It also gave them engines for their 'Jnr'. Those points , to me, are the real reason they used 250 chassis, it was a great, nay, fantastic business model, though their propaganda, ... more »

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Way back when the Honda 450X was released, quite soon after, there were 400cc kits. I think they may have come out when just the R was available. A de-bore kit. So, it's been done before, and, as noted above, about Redmoto Honda, it's being done now. ... more »

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It may have been revealed earlier in this thread, but, is she going to keep the wear pattern on the tank? I think tanks look great

like that, but, with the full-on job she's doing, I guess she may want the Tank back to full paint.