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So, there's a NASCAR Day race and a Daylight SX on at the same time? Now, NASCAR is pretty bloody boring, but it seems a hell of a lot more people will watch that over SX -- it's throwing away an opportunity to perhaps gather more, sports starved, eyes ... more »

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He's married, and he and his wife have been quite a team for years now. So, not wanting to stay caged up with his team in this upcoming few weeks is perfectly understandable. Hanging out with one, or more, of your main competitors - fug that for a joke. ... more »

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That, he did. However, he made a key mistake in trying to move over on / have a go at, Big Ken.

That cost him a fair bit of time, and, a fair few spokes - or was it a bent disc? Probably, both. He's always done a pretty good job when he's been ... more »
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Do you have capacity equivalency in the two Ireland's racing? Most Club Level racing Worldwide now has equivalency, and, the more switched on / less under the thumb Pro classes World Wide, have it now. A 250 2T, especially a KTM - KTHusky, and one assumes, ... more »

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Bigger excuse makers you will never find - MTBers. They make MC riders, who are pretty bloody good at excuses, look like amateurs.

E Bikes : I make frames. Have done for over 4 decades. And, am now over 60, and on walking sticks / crutches. ... more »
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Rupe, that sure as hell ain't Bobryeshev.

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Tonus standing on the soccer sized ball juggling tennis balls looked a bit tricky in another video out there. Rest assured, that AC video is just a bit of 'fluff'. I'd say the 'old man' could grind most mid 20s Pro racers into the ground.

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Comparing the utter lunacy that DMG / Edmondson(sp) did to the very simple allowance of equivalency - well, there is no bloody comparison. DC has offered up the same excuse for not allowing equivalency for years now. It's really getting tedious , and, ... more »

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DC - I have a high regard for you, and believe you truly love our sport. And that you are a great steward of it, whilst being a very successful business man. But that answer is completely unsatisfactory. It's just dodging a fair question, by hiding behind ... more »

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You were denegrating TG, through denegrating a top 20 SX rider. And thus, the SX series itself. So, as I asked, do you think the SX series is 'low level? Surely, the way you write, denegrating Friese, you must think it is so. You are finding excuses, ... more »

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And, how many SX's has Friese done? He's also a bloke that regularly gives the 'star's, quite a hard time. He's been doing SX since 2009, and, finished in the top 20 in 450 SX the last 4 seasons. So, you think he's a squirrel, and 450SX is a low talent

... more »
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I think the title of this thread should should be Moto Legends Down. I'd say most of we old timers here would be aware of the team that Marty and Nancy were. Childhood / High School sweethearts, that journeyed through life together, to pass away together. ... more »

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I think KTM, in the manual, have / had something about the Oil Pump needing to be replaced at 80 hours. Not the Fuel Injection. On KTM Talk, I don't think I've read of many doing so, but a few have, just as a precaution, and have kept the replaced oil ... more »

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That's one of luckynino 's bikes. Nino Fenaroli. Just search out his (the one in bold) name here, and then, his posts. He's got a squillion of them

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Ah, the "Stroking for higher revs" chestnut that some come out with! As you said, a longer stroke just won't rev compared to a shorter stroke, given the same state of tune, as a control. And, of course in your case, the bigger (than 72mm?) piston on ... more »

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Without a thorough, in person examination on my part, if it is just a 'Ding', or collection of (I'm stuck on a 'phone screen at the moment), I'd get it brazed / bronze welded up. Then, file / linish / sand it back to shape. That's assuming you are going

... more »
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Hey, over many years, I've seen blokes do great jobs, but suddenly they do strange things......... usually towards the end of a project. My 'puter's dead, so, no access to my pictures. I'm stuck on my 'phone, or this weird little tablet. You'll find ... more »

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Well, 250s aren't slow, when used to their fullest. Get Ian Lougher on one, who is a multi time ( I think 11, then you get into his NW200 and other Real Roads successes) TT winner, and they are fast. And, Webb is / was fairly new to the TT. Most say ... more »

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Oh, I took it as you were going to use the ringy section on the spline.

Older Huskies (as in, Swedish Huskies) had neat little folding tips, on a small section, high quality 'arm' that might be of use to you. I used to use them, quite a few ... more »
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Please, don't do that. It ranks right up there with some of the lunacy we see on Craigs List sales. You know, the complete and utter shyte type bikes / mods that Meth / Oxy / Smack heads think are great . Plenty of gear levers with full, correct splines ... more »