2017 NMA Off-Road Series Season Recap

Well that's it.  2017 NMA Off-Road Series has come to an end.  Talk about a crazy year; first time racing, first for racing a series, first time vlogging, wife and I had our first son (2 months early)... phew.  Now that the storm has passed I can reflect on the past year.

I know one thing is for certain, I really like riding off-road.  The racing part is fun, but I think what I enjoyed the most about the year was the different terrains and courses to ride on.  For me each race was an opportunity to road trip, camp out, ride, and meet different people who share the same passion as I do.  There's really no where that a rider can hit the trails or desert and not have to worry about things.  For example, on coming traffic (99% of the time).  I can really open it up if I want to and not have to worry about creaming into someone riding the opposite way.  Also having people to ride with, because in a way I'm riding with everyone, whether they are passing me or I am passing them, there is still that moment in time that you feel like your are just riding with the boys (or females).  Also the different venues and courses each motorcycle club puts together.  These places are next to none and most would never get the opportunity to ride these locations besides race day.  In addition, there's typically always medical staff on stand by that you don't get otherwise.  All though my speeds are not pro level status, anything can happen.  Having taken helicopter rides, countless ER visits, broken bones, etc... anything can happen, even to the slowest riders out there.  Having a medical staff on site is a huge bonus in my book that you just don't get going out on your own. 

I get that the race seen isn't for everyone... but for me it was mainly just a chance to ride with all the benefits mentioned above.  I urge anyone to go check out their local seen of off-road events, whether it's enduro, a poker run, trials, race, whatever the event, go check it out.  At the end of the day your money goes back into the sport you enjoy for additional events, public land efforts, etc.  Any support in this community helps, so knock the dust off your bike, swallow your ego, and line up with some of your buds for a good time and make some good memories.

NMA Off-Road Series

OPEN B Class

1st Eastern Off-Road Series

2nd Off-road Series


  Filmed/Edited: Brent Buhtz

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