2017 NMA Off-Road Series Rd#4 STARVATION RIDGE GP

The NMA offers two off-road series opportunities, Eastern Series which is rounds #1-4, and then the series continues through round #10.  At this point I'm sitting 1st in series points for the Eastern Series.  I also know that I have to get a 2nd or better to hold that 1st place, so there is a little pressure coming into this race.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but I tried to overcome the nervs and remind myself I have a family to support and can't afford to do anything stupid.  Starvation Ridge is just a short drive from Eddieville in more farm land so I was able to rest up and get the bike ready to go. 

I was able to get a good start at Eddieville and wanted to do the same here and that's just what I did.  Got my first holeshot of the year and didn't look back.  About 1hr into the race and I noticed that my bike had changed tone and had a slight decrease in power.  Not knowing what the cause was I just continuing to pound the track.  I had 1st for another good portion of the race up until getting passed near the end of the race.  By this time my bike was really running rough and progressively getting worse. 

On the last lap close to the finish I got passed again by a Yamaha and assumed it was another from my class that is stacked with Yamaha's.  Unable to determine if the rider was in my class due to the muddy conditions I turned up the speed a notch to stay close.  I had nothing to pressure the other rider but I thought that if they made a mistake I'd regain 2nd and the overall Eastern Series in points for my class.  In doing so I hit a straight section caring a lot of speed and ended up wading the bike somehow.  My memory is a little foggy of the situation but I do know I went down hard.  It was a complete yard sale... I just remember bouncing around on the ground and thinking to myself, "When is this going to end?".  When the dust settled I picked myself off the ground pretty banged up on my right shoulder and elbow and fetched my bike that was some 20ft away.  Getting to the bike I realized I had broke my pipe in half, screwed my hand guard that I could not fix, had blown front fork seals, and that my bike almost felt doubled in weight with the amount of mud on it. 

At any rate, I limped myself and bike to the finish line only a few miles away disappointed thinking that I didn't finished where I wanted to.  However at the finish line I noticed that the Yamaha that had passed me was an AA rider, so that lifted my spirits and I thought to myself I still have a chance. 

When the results got posted I managed to grab 2nd place for round #4 and secure 1st place in the Eastern Series.  I was stoked to the max.  Unfortunately in my accident I broke my GoPro off my helmet that had all footage from Eddieville and Starvation Ridge.   

2017 NMA Off-Road Series Rd#4 Starvation Ridge GP

Goldendale, WA

Open B Class

2nd Place

1st Place NMA Off-Road Series Eastern Championship

  Filmed: Brent Buhtz, Carrie Buhtz, Kirsten Buhtz Edited: Brent Buhtz

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