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I ran across this thread on the "Indian Dunes" page in Facebook. It gets good about a third of the way down when Michael Snider asks if anyone knows what the real reason was for why the place closed down. Gary Lamb was one of the owners, or connected

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That map is pretty much accurate...LOL! Sad, but true!

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I haven't heard much about him in years and years...

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I talked to Ivan last week in Atlanta and he was heading back to Ricky's to train with RC and RD. He also lives in Tallahassee, so I dunno wtf Beeker's talking about!

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I saw a post in here or at Motonews from Allen Berluti's wife asking if anyone had pics of Allen from back in the day. I found this in a stack of old Cycle News...

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Hey, can you post a higher res scan of that pic?

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Mickey Thompson had nothing to do with the Off-Road World Championships at Riverside Raceway, they were run by Sal Fish and S.C.O.R.E. I also knew Mike Norris very well, he was one of the good guys. Also, the way I heard it was he was killed by the husband ... more »

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Don't ask me, Sondra, I never know how in the hell you end up anywhere, but I see you everywhere! Smoooch!

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Why do McRead's responses always seem tainted by his euro bias?

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I'm looking forward to seeing Jimmy this weekend and I think it's awesome that he's getting back involved with the sport.