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So if he "ment (sic) to take out" Dungey, Villo got what he deserved? So last year, if Reed had been successful in knocking Stewart down in Vegas, so he could win the championship, he would have deserved what? Death? Drawn and quartered? According to ... more »

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So Dungey essentially clinched the title tonight and cannot even celebrate, because it would be in poor taste, due to RV's injury. He won't be able to celebrate his championship until after next week in Seattle, and even then it will be subdued because ... more »

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Agreed! I'm hanging in there, Scottie, how about you? Just trying to keep my head above water in this ridiculous economy. Going to watch Fishback's kid kick some ass tonight in the Speedway Long Track opener out at Perris Speedway...might even hammer ... more »

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How the fuck did Tapia lop off six seconds in between sessions? Maybe they put on a Roost Boost!

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Motoconcepts Yamaha rider, Ryan Sipes set fastest time in the first Lites A practice and his brother, Justin, set fastest time in the first Lites B practice on his Warthog Racing Kawasaki. Good luck to both brothers!

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Jay's just looking for something to hate on...

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Goddamn, Jay, you really are just another retarded American, aren't you? Are you really that jingoistic? I'll tell you what, Jay, while we're at Glen Helen watching the best riders from Europe and Australia race against the two Americans racing for the ... more »

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Great list...that must have taken some time to compile.

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They've been talking for awhile, the two Mikes just haven't agreed on price. Mike Genova would prefer a contract that's more performance driven, while the other side wants a fat salary, also. My guess is they'll meet somewhere in the middle and the Alessi ... more »

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I don't think the winner has to pay anything. Usually they get paid, unless it's a GP.

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LOL, Greg! Yer just a fuzz late on the uptake, old buddy!

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I talk to Dave, and he's never blown me...he hasn't even offered! Maybe I'm not "industry" enough, or my penis is too small. Nah, I think maybe you're full of shit, just as everyone in here says!

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Hey Bob, Shut the Fuck up, or I'll remember what you said when you hit me up for passes!

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Damn, Jay! With all that hate you're carting around you sound like a tea party wannabe!

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What am mEan u Do Jay?

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Tom, Scott Gillman called me from Abu Dabi on Saturday, the morning of our party. I don't think he's heard from Bruce in years. The last time he did it wasn't good, so I fear that Bruce isn't doing very well, if he's doing at all...

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Ryan was unbelievably composed after such a disappointment and a class act. That said, he kind of screwed up this time by following the same line as the lapper and that's why he got pinched off at the top. Now, in Indy he definitely got worked over by ... more »

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Dan: Being from the Riverside area, I mostly rode Corona on Friday nights and CMC at either Carlsbad or Saddleback on Sundays. I'd race at the Dunes when you guys would have a big purse race or when the Golden State Series went there, but it was a pretty ... more »