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Staten was the all-time greatest rider out of Southern California, without a doubt. At our second Old SoCal Pro Reunion, he was voted as the All-time Badass by 200 of his peers. We had an online ballot and he won pretty easily over Ron Turner, ... more »
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I have an Africa Twin that I love riding. Did a couple of 5-day trips down in Baja with Simon Cudby, Todd Huffman, TC Corbitt, Randy Commans, Seiji Ishii, Chris Glaspell, Aaron Raine, Scott Harden and Scott Cox and had a blast. We took in portions of

... more »
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Correction: Starting in 3 minutes and no one has a link...

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Good luck to Team USA. Besides our own guys, I would love to see the home team win. They basically won it last year and have never won the event. It's gonna be a mudder, though. I've ridden in that wet Holland sand and it turns into this crazy slush ... more »

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Your girlfriend was Betty?

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Jim Gibson worked at Gurney's, not sure if he still does, I think he might be back in AZ again. Hey, he needs to work somewhere if he's gonna be the next Bruce Penhall...those laydown Jawas don't grow on trees and the sponsors aren't lining up yet. The ... more »

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I've known Robert Reisinger for a long, long time (45 years!) and have to say that he never fails to impress me with the depth of his engineering knowledge. Well done and I wish him continued success. Hopefully 6d can make a difference and save some lives over at the NFL.

0 0 0

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I definitely won that fight at Corona, but fighting Rex was still not my idea of a good time. I do love to tease him about it, he still gets worked up pretty easily. My philosophy on fighting is this: You don't want to fight someone who is uglier than ... more »

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Well done, Kenny, you killed them!

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Respect to all of our good pals we have lost over the years...Marcad, TFS, Dougie, UNAMUSED (yeah right, eff that guy, whoever he was). Thanks, Tim, for the reminder...

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I have a perfect solution for all of your bike troubles. His name is Ted Boyko of Boyko Racing in Costa Mesa, CA. Ted is the man when it comes to any motor mods or repairs. I guarantee you will not be sorry.

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Never heard of any of them...

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I've tried everything. Whoever made this app for NBC should rot in hell. Fucking shitty ripoff. I'm not in the UK or Tasmania, I'm in Ventura, California, for fucks sake.

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Yeah, haha, it's still sitting there, endlessly funny, brah

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So fucking sick of this POS app. It stoped working halfway through the SX season on my Chrome browser, but worked on my Safari on my mac desktop. Now I'm on the road and again the garbage won't come up on Chrome, Explorer, or Edge. It just sits there ... more »

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I posted a pic of some old jerseys of mine and got an email from a friend in Holland, who couldn't help noticing that his collection "has no Steve Bauer in it". Holy Shit!

... more »

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Piece of shit program doesn't work on my laptop, running Chrome, or Explorer. Fucking NBC sucks!

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Jeff Ward and I traveled the Nationals together, sort of, during our rookie year (1978). He was riding an FMF Suzuki, I was on a RM 250C for DG. My mechanic, Tim Buck, and I drove Ward's van and trailer with both of our bikes and parts, while Jeff and ... more »