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Reply to Is Musquin gonna move? 5/11/2019 7:34 AM

I believe he is with Aldon since 2014 or 2015 (since Villopoto left the house). I agree with people thinking Marv needs a change. I would love to see him goes to Honda with Roczen and train at 100% with DV and Dylan F. Marv has only got one 250 SX EAST ... more »

Reply to Highest SX/MX signed contract? 5/11/2019 7:26 AM

What about James ? RV ? And roczen to honda heard it was 20 M$ for 3 years ? Gosh why the salary of the riders is a secret in our sport ! Hate that. By the way, does anyone know how much make a top mechanic in our sport ? Or a team manager ? Thx u

Reply to Fox Raceway at Pala 5/6/2019 12:08 PM

I would LOVE to see the MXON at Glen Helen too ! They have never been a MXON organized in California ! California is the heart of the industry ! it would be amazing to held an MXON there ! And Glen Helen is the perfect fit, it is a legendary track for ... more »

Reply to Outdoor 250/450 picks and predictions 5/6/2019 7:28 AM

Well, in the 450 i see Tomac again for the title but he will have to battle KR / CW /MM harder than the previous years, they are all healthy and ready to beat him ! In the 250, i would love to see AC jump back from what happened in Vegas and get the ... more »

Reply to Fox Raceway at Pala 5/6/2019 7:23 AM

100% agree with this ! DC we know you have your differences with the track owner but please bring back Glen helen to the series !

Reply to Does Adam go to HRC with the #1 plate? 5/4/2019 10:34 AM

Never heard a false info or rumor from ML he is releasing the info when it’s solid

Reply to Roczen Honda 5/3/2019 2:25 PM

Nice move ! I am sure kenny will be much more a threat for the SX/MX title next year after a year without injuries (hoping he stays injury free this summer). I guess this move settle Tomac with Kawi and Musquin with KTM for the next few years. The moves ... more »

Reply to Exclusive Pre-Surgery Interview With Austin Forkner 5/1/2019 11:11 AM

Thanks Michael ! Great interview, wish him the best rehab he will come back stronger

Reply to Forkner gives an update 4/30/2019 2:49 PM

Austin is the real deal ! His last attempt to get the title with a jacked up knee made me think of Herlings back in 2014 when he tried to save the MX2 title with a broken femur ! We all know what came next and i am sure it is gonna be the same with Austin ... more »

Reply to Roczen new Fox helmet at Meadowlands 4/28/2019 10:15 AM

It looks so good exept that mouth piece ! They should have kept the old design (or close) in the front. But maybe it will grow on me

Reply to Is the era of American superstar over? 4/28/2019 10:08 AM

That was the case ! He was leading that 2014 250 Sx series before getting hurt ! He could have won that title easily but injuries killed his momentum. I believe he is in the right spot now, go for the MX title this summer, shine at the MXON and move ... more »

Reply to Is the era of American superstar over? 4/28/2019 9:09 AM

AC and Forkner could be good candidates ! Ton of talent/speed + media attractive We will see in few years

Reply to Bikes you are GLAD you sold.. 4/26/2019 2:24 PM

250 KX 2002 ! What a shitty bike ! Didn’t want to turn, lazy engine off botom and always having mechanical issues ! The only bike i was happpy to sell

Reply to Gold wheels thread... 4/26/2019 2:21 PM

IMO Gold wheels are mandatory on every suzuki or 90’s Honda ! The look is so incredible on those bike !

Reply to Forkner, Sexton or Cooper? East Rutherford 4/25/2019 3:38 PM

I’ve heard Forkner rode on Tuesday/Wednesday so i think he will be fine enough to save the title and then skip the outdoor to get a fixing surgery

Reply to Notable Suzuki RM125 riders over the years. 4/21/2019 8:26 PM

That legend !
Reply to If you could only watch one series... 4/21/2019 8:22 AM

1) Nationals without a doubt 2) Supercross 3) MXGP

Reply to yamaha Japan yzf 450 2020 - NEW HEAD 4/19/2019 4:30 PM

Heard from ML and other guys that the 20 250 kawi won’t get the « 450 updates » ??

Reply to My picks for the ten best-looking stock Yamaha MX bikes of all time. 4/19/2019 3:34 PM

That one is the shit ! MC made me dream on this bike
Reply to Forkner attempt to race... 4/19/2019 11:58 AM

The kid is ready ! I really hope he gets that title, he deserve it more than anyone else ! I like sexton but austin is the man this year he should be the champ