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Reply to 23' ktm/husky 125? 9/27/2022 6:21 AM

Well that is not what i've heard about the new 23 ! On the contrary the new 23 would have more torque and power low to mid ! Read a review saying it runs like his 2022 150 down low but with much more top end screaming. Well we will have to wait the official ... more »

Reply to 23' ktm/husky 125? 9/24/2022 2:27 PM

There are available in Europe (see photos below) and peoples have been riding it for a few weeks now ! I really would love to try one in order to compared it, these new 125 ALMOST makes me want to sell my 250f.

Reply to DV turned it around 9/13/2022 4:09 PM

Where did you hear that ? Sources ?

Reply to Ferrandis out due to menstrual cramps 8/26/2022 12:57 PM

You don't become a 4 times AMA champ by being a pussy ! Ferrandis is one of the toughest rider giving up everything lifewise to succeed, you should at least respect that fdp

Reply to JH84 instagram? 8/19/2022 1:51 PM

Interesting something seems up

Reply to My issues with SuperMotocross 8/5/2022 9:08 AM

Yeah, same here can't understand why Mxsport didn't ask to drop the Sx series to 15 races ! 15 Sx + 12 Mx + 3 Smx and that's our 30 races ! Much more even and it shows Mx is still important for our sport. About the supermotocross thing, i dig it because ... more »

Reply to Ferrandis Fired DV, how does he do in the last 4 rounds? 8/4/2022 9:29 AM

Ok here is the final words of the story, Dylan just made an interview with a french website (Mx2k) and he stated that he is STILL working with DV ! Here are his words: I have to ask you the question: are you still working with David Vuillemin or not? ... more »

Reply to Bubba's World podcasts 7/28/2022 3:04 PM

Who gives a fuck about your opinion ? James is gold

Reply to Ty Masterpool… 7/2/2022 3:11 PM

Anyone knows the real reason why Star racing didn't keep him under the team ?

Reply to Ryder D at Red Bud and the Wick. 6/24/2022 2:31 PM

Who is in front ?

Reply to Herlings on Gypsy tales 6/21/2022 8:13 AM

I'm a pro Tomac but i'm sad to see a lot of guys getting butthurt in here ! Can't understand your reaction, everyone complain the riders nowadays are going more and more soft on communication ( aka dungey) and when we have one the fastest guy on the ... more »

Reply to Tom Vialle to America ?? 6/15/2022 11:43 AM

Heard the same thing on french tv, talks have been made so let's see but that would be really awesome to see him move here

Reply to Please bring Glen Helen back rather than another Pala 6/5/2022 1:13 AM

Hear hear

Reply to Why is there two rounds at Pala? 6/5/2022 1:12 AM

Hope DC will find a way to find another venue for the final round, it sucks to see a track twice

Reply to Is the KTM chassis from 2015.5 to 2018 better than the two generations after it? 5/20/2022 3:57 PM

So i'm not the only one thinking about it 😭 Yes to me the 2016-2018 chassis were better hands down (had a 16 sxf and an19 fc) ! I didn't gel at all with the last chassis. Now what about the 2023 ? Was it supposed to be less rigid ? Even Mcelrath wanted ... more »

Reply to MXGP of Russia Cancelled 2/26/2022 6:51 PM

Good decision ! Slava Ukraini!

Reply to Help Removing ARC Brake lever 1/26/2022 2:42 PM

Thanks for your help guys, that was a tricky one for a simple front brake lever ! I managed to took it out with a screw extractor ! Now it will go from my yzf to my new 2022 kxf

New thread Help Removing ARC Brake lever 1/22/2022 4:40 AM

Hello guys, Really stupid question but i can't remove my ARC brake lever because of some metal tube keeping it in place.... Here is the photo with the metal tube, the problem is i can't take the tube out it's too thin to grab it, it's driving me crazy

... more »

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Reply to Deegan says he is turning pro supercross 2023 in new video. 1/14/2022 4:40 AM

He would get crushed

Reply to Pro circuit exhaust 250 KXF 2022 1/10/2022 5:56 PM

Too bad it is not for the 250... And i think the vital market place is a a mess and not well organized, therefore not so many people take the time to look on it. ThegetFresh akrapovich make good exhaust but the design on the kawi is awful.