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Thanks Michael ! Great interview, wish him the best rehab he will come back stronger

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Austin is the real deal ! His last attempt to get the title with a jacked up knee made me think of Herlings back in 2014 when he tried to save the MX2 title with a broken femur ! We all know what came next and i am sure it is gonna be the same with Austin ... more »

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It looks so good exept that mouth piece ! They should have kept the old design (or close) in the front. But maybe it will grow on me

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That was the case ! He was leading that 2014 250 Sx series before getting hurt ! He could have won that title easily but injuries killed his momentum. I believe he is in the right spot now, go for the MX title this summer, shine at the MXON and move ... more »

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AC and Forkner could be good candidates ! Ton of talent/speed + media attractive We will see in few years

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250 KX 2002 ! What a shitty bike ! Didn’t want to turn, lazy engine off botom and always having mechanical issues ! The only bike i was happpy to sell

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IMO Gold wheels are mandatory on every suzuki or 90’s Honda ! The look is so incredible on those bike !

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I’ve heard Forkner rode on Tuesday/Wednesday so i think he will be fine enough to save the title and then skip the outdoor to get a fixing surgery

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That legend !
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1) Nationals without a doubt 2) Supercross 3) MXGP

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Heard from ML and other guys that the 20 250 kawi won’t get the « 450 updates » ??

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That one is the shit ! MC made me dream on this bike
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The kid is ready ! I really hope he gets that title, he deserve it more than anyone else ! I like sexton but austin is the man this year he should be the champ
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I blamed KTM at first but honestly i doubt he would have been ready for Hangtown with his foot injury. He just said it himself, he is not even sure to ride for a top 10 when he returns in May. The timing is just not right and it's a shame, i would have ... more »

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Monster party if you can otherwise the Marquee club at the Cosmopolitan !

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I loved being at redbud, the atmosphere were insane and the Lot B crazy but honestly i would pick up a place with a better chance for a sunny weekend. Glen Helen would be great, i mean california is the heart of the industry so i imagine it would be ... more »

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i have never tried the new 450 yzf but i’ve often heard that the reverse engine design doesn’t shine very much on the 450 compared to the 250. Maybe it upsets too much the ergo and frame. It seems to work very very well on the small bike (star racing ... more »

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That’s a very bad news?? You just confirmed what ML said above...I’m truly disappointed as i thought it would be my next bike. Guess i will go to Yami then. I still don’t understand why they choose to postpone the new 250. It’s a bad move for their sales ... more »

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What a lame comment ! And if i remenber well it was a bike issue ! Anyway hope Ernesto is doing well

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This ! I saw a quick interview on instagram of the two brothers and the question was « Who is the fastest ? » Well Hunter answered first and say: it depends on which tracks and day...It seems pretty crazy, his brother Jett is only 15 ! He will be a real ... more »