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I would love to see Jeffrey goes at it against the US field for 12 rounds ! Imagine a Tomac vs Herlings at Southwick or Washougal ? He can really be one of the biggest legend of the sport by winning this title ! I am sure he realize it. Gonna get a lot ... more »

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It seems to me like every single person assume the golden age is the period where they grew up. For example, i grew up during the Mcgrath/RC/JS aera and IMO this was the golden age. But, i am sure, a guy which grew up during the O'Mara/Johnson/Ward aera ... more »

Added reply in a thread Barcia To Miss Upcoming Atlanta SX Following Training Crash 2/28/2019 4:12 AM

Bummer ! He was getting back to his anaheim speed. Hope two weeks off will not affect him too much

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Too true ! I would love to see that track for an MXDN ! IMO it is one of the most beautiful track in the world but september there means winter time so i do not know about the weather

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Wow man , awesome job on this build !

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In So Cal you have CMH ! They carry the bike to the track of your choice for the day

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Gosh i miss these Windham’s transfers so much ! It was so impressive

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Heard on a Podcast (Don’t remenber which one though) that Forkner was the fastest at the PC test track lately

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The closest track is "Monti Mx Track" and it is a short but very very nice track. The track is 25 minutes away from Nice but in France you need a FFM licence to ride so as a foreigner i am not sure you will be able to ride... I know Italians ride the ... more »

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Wow ! What a great article ! Been a fan since he turned pro, hope he gets a title this year

Added reply in a thread Where's Max Vohland? 2/9/2019 2:37 PM

Yes i was wondering the same ! This kid is so fast and i wanted to see him compet against Reynolds ! He really impressed me during the MEC, he was crushing the dragon back like no one else

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I hope this title is for Forkner ! Rooting for him the kid is legit

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JS7 there is no contest here he is the most talented rider of all time !

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Great show ! Loved it ! Keep going the good job and i am looking forward to the show with AC ! PS: On a side note i would love to see a show with Mcgrath or JS7

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What about the new asterisk Ultra Cell with the boa system ? I've been thinking about getting one of those

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I would say a movie about JS7 would be awesome because there is a lot to say ! Mcgrath would be cool too but he simply won everything in SX exept in 97 so less entertaining i think (Same for RC). Also, a film about Roczen would be cool after the end ... more »

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Thanks for the results ! Where did you find it ? Do you know if Vohland rode ? I can’t understand why Feld promote that serie as the future of SX blablabla (which is true) but do nothing for us to follow it ! It’s completely stupid because i am quite ... more »

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Does anybody know where can we follow the races ? Video or live timing ? I want to see the battle between Max Vohland and Jett Reynolds (Hoping they run the same series)

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I like Ralph too ! Very professional and he knows how to make the racing interesting. IMO he has become over the years the voice of SX