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You won’t regret it the nihilo airbox is awesome (below on my bike). And you should coupled it with a twinair or DT-1 powerflow cage.

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Not excited at all and won't watch it, why do we put legends of our sport on stupid car ? They should have organized a fun race between them such as the first event with windham, pastrana, bradshaw, etc. For that type of thing, yes i would be excited ... more »

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Well i ordered twice from them. The first time the item took only few days to arrive and the second time it took a month. But the products are really amazing and no fitting problem at all ! The best way is to ask them before ordering the products to

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It is a CYCRA airbox 1000% ! The stock CYCRA airbox has more volume than the OEM one. Star Racing (And Factory Yamaha Mx2 on Geerts bike) then cut a hole on top of the airbox (such as the photo of craig bike above), it is pretty easy to do by yourself.

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Great ! Thanks for the help, will put the order right away

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Hello guys, I twisted my OEM case saver this last sunday (I have a 250 YZF 2021), so i'm looking for a new one but all the after market one seems to fit only the 250 YZF 2014 - 2018. Does any one of you know if it is the same fitting for both generation

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That was a great interview! He seemed more open than with Mx journalists, maybe because he is not from the mx world he spoke more freely.

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NOT AT ALL ! It should never be allowed during races

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I have some hours on this setup as well and agree with Klinger that they are a really nice brace and my favorite to date. I ride mostly off-road and was originally interested in these because of the low profile design due to not having a floating knee cup which...more

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The kid has a style of his own ! I love the way he rides, he lacks a bit of the speed but it will come soon enought and it is only his first pro races ! He seems clever and will be even better in Mx

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New adds for the bike: - CMT carbon tank (just the cover) ; - CMT carbon exhaust gard. Nice quality but the photo really doesn’t do justice to the carbon tank, it really looks awesome and you can’t tell if it’s cover or the real tank. And the exhaust

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Well i just went from a 350 FC 2019 with Factory KYB fork and shock to a 250 YZF 2021 (GET ECU, full fmf pipe). You can find both of my bike on "bike checks" or in the bike build topics. My 250 YZF has the suspension revalve to my weight (210 lbs) and ... more »

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Motorex 10w50 cross power for my 250 yzf 2021 ! Heard it was one of the best but no proof to that so it's just for my peace of mind

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In stock form the KTM looks nicer, but in "Factory" form the TLD GASGAS of Barcia is above all ! That bike look so clean

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Same here ! I can't understand why he tried that poor pass with 10 minutes to go...I'm sure he is mad at himself right now and i would love to hear what Mitch told him at the truck.

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Thought exactly the same ! Hard to see on TV but i think it was really rutted so hard to put a clean pass. Congrats to Barcia the Redplate will look good at Round 2

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Thanks ! I’m waiting some carbons parts from CMT, will update the photos with it

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A Legend passed

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Yeah, you will find the monster logo only on the high end helmet so the Bell Moto 9 Flex carbone at 600 $ or something. I have the monster energy/pro circuit edition from 2018 and he is awesome ! I hopes Bell will do a Moto 10 replica from Pro circuit ... more »