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Very very strong team ! i would have made the same choice for RVDM

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Agreed. Probably my least favorite Vital shootout so far.

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Love both riders and style and rivalry is always exciting in our sport but it shouldn’t go that far

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Michael i have an important question ! All vitals are wondering the same...Now that you’re doing your own thing, are you gonna be able to make an A-KIT suspension shootout ? That would be amazing ! Think about all the guys wondering if they should go ... more »

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Amazing Job Michael ! Really really liked your work here and if i can add some wishes, can you bring the 350 for the 250 shootout ? Would be nice to see how they compare to the rest of the bikes since everybody say a 350 is a 250 on steroids. Also, i ... more »

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If true it is a nice update ! I was afraid it would be a torn ACL or something similar with a 5/6 months recovery needed. He will probably skip the last races and recover during the off season before the MEC.

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Kawasaki KRT with Desalle, it is signed already

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You should be banned from the forum for saying something as stupid as this post ! The MXON is the biggest event of the year ! Have you ever been to an MXON ? I have done plenty, i have been also to few US Supercross including A1, Nationals, MXGP, Bercy, ... more »

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Team France has been announced this morning (No surprises): MXGP = Gautier Paulin MX2 = Tom Vialle MX3 = Romain Febvre I would have prefer Musquin & Ferrandis over Paulin and Vialle but we still have a shot at it. We will see

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Nice feedback ! Thanks ! In which part of the stroke would you say the CV is better than the KYB ? Plusher on the first part ? More planted in the turn ? Bottoming ? Cheers,

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What difference did you feel with the pro circuit link over the stock one ? Did you go up with your springs ? Many thx

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I freaking love that track ! Would love to see the MXON there ! Maybe 2023 ? There is elevations, many lines, amazing jumps, great dirt, just pure motocross

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I am starting to loose patience with Milestone, i have bought all of their games but i feel we always hear the same music with them, they make promise on their facebook page, they make the hype growing through their comments and they always fall short ... more »

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I agree that he hasn't really done much in GP this year but the kid has some hype because not only KTM wanted him, other GP factory teams were after him from what i have heard. I think KTM choice is based on potential and Brian has a lot of potential. ... more »

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Many thanks for your proposal but unfortunately i do not live there. I am gonna change my bike in the next few months and i am thinking about a 350 with Akit suspension, that's why i am asking and gathering infos :D There seems to be three main choices, ... more »

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Denn how is your factory KYB kit working so far on the bike ?

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Damn it ! Hope he will be back for the MXON

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I used to lived in Prague and Czech Republic for 2 years back in 2014, i freaking love this country, the amazing food and cities like Karlovy Vary ! The best is "Cesky Krumlov" down south, it's magic, go if you can. Really need to get back there one ... more »

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Just for information: Brian Moreau to KTM TLD is a signed deal for 2020 ! He will train with Baker and Musquin and will live with either one of them the first few months. All the infos confirmed by him. Looking forward to see what he can do ! The kid ... more »

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Worst thing that could ever happen to our sport ! I would boycott it right away ! I understand the electric bike for the woods and i’m fine with it but don’t bring the electric bike to the Mx & Sx competition ever