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Motocross of course ! but always love some supercross

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He is really putting some great rides lately ! Hope he lands on a great team next tear with supports

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DV, may we know who the f... is "THE mx addict" ??? I'm curious Anywho, you have been doing an awesome job with Dylan and it should be recognized !

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Starcross soft in front and medium in the back is the best combo i have tried on any type of dirt

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Glen Helen for me

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The guys wanting a 350 YZF, have you ever tried a 350 SXF/FC and a last gen 250 YZF ? Because i had a 350 FC 19 and now have 21 250 YZF and the 250 is just that much better ! The power is clearly enough to have fun and be competitive, why would you need ... more »

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I would say Barcia, AC or Sexton and Cooper on the 250. But France and Nederland are going to be strong this year without riders injured: France i would choose: Ferrandis, Febvre and T.Vialle on the 250 Nederland is Herlings, Coldenhoff and De Moosdijk ... more »

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Thanks for the results ! Can't wait Russia !

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May i ask why a new plug every 20 ?

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I asked FMF about it and never got a reply, so you can forget it, it is a factory exhaust and will never be sold like that. But you can find an expert who can weld something similar on your exhaust

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21 Yamaha 250 YZF - Star Racing

A french company smile website below:

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Who did these graphics?

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2000 Factory Suzuki RM250 Replica
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McGrath Replica
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Yes i have the black cover from D’cor but it comes with the entire seat cover too. To the OP yes use staples, there is a tuto on YouTube about that, i followed it and never looked back, it didn’t move since

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Same here....Who the ? His son is far yet to deserve a factory ride, maybe he will but maybe he will not, stop the hype so young.

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Well all i can say is i ride a Bell Moto 9, a Troy lee SE4 and the new Fox V3 all in Large. The size is the same for me across the three brands above. By the way, just my opinion but the V3 is the one i like the least in term of fitment...Bell is the ... more »

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Fully agree, it is for me one the most important race of the year, so you do it properly or you don't do it at all ! MXON in a middle of a season ?! Not logical for anyone involved... So let's regroup for next year with a proper MXON with all the countries ... more »

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It’s strange because I have the CMT Carbon exhaust shield (it is the OEM form but with carbon materials) and never notice a problem with the new tech 10 or the Fox instinct (i ride with both)...maybe it is related to different riding techniques 🤷‍♂️

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I'd like to see this in print, or at least have there be an accompanying transcript. Video is a heavy lift in many situations. Not everyone has the time, privacy, quiet, bandwidth, or device capability for video at all times. I hate seeing something like this and thinking, "I'll have to circle back...more