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Go to Keefer is really good for the start up/baseline setting and he has made a few posts for the ktm/husky 2020

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Just bought a brand new 350 yesterday ! So yeah i am really waiting the black friday deals to start throwing some nice parts and pieces to that new beast ! Bring it on !

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Any chance you try the FCP mounts on really hard pack track ??? since it’s mostly the tracks we get around my place thx

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Hi Craig, you look pretty disappointed with your CV, can you point the bad sides compared to the KYB ? Thx,

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How is the updated engine compared to 2019 and the SXF ? Have you been able to ride it on tight tracks ? With heavy riders ? Thanks Joe

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He is a lone wolf type of guy but he seemed to get along pretty well with Jeremy Martin when they were training together in 2018

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First of all, Pierce Brown is no joke ! He is known for his raw speed and will turn pro 2020 and moreover Webb jumped back on the bike a week ago after damaging his knee at Unadilla ! So it didn’t surprise me. But make no mistake, the Cooper Webb you ... more »

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I believe Enzo Racing is doing it and the guy has a lot of knowledge and experience over KYB set up

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Hi Joe, what was the difference on the 350 between the stock ECU and the remap ECU ? Did you do that to have more usable power/less engine braking or you wanted to clear the gap HP wise with the 450s ? Thx Joe

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Thanks DC for the awesome 2019 season ! I hope you bring back Glen Helen this year ! We need that legendary track on schedule

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What a shit hole again🤢🤢🤢 sad for the MXGP

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Very very strong team ! i would have made the same choice for RVDM

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Agreed. Probably my least favorite Vital shootout so far.

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Love both riders and style and rivalry is always exciting in our sport but it shouldn’t go that far

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Michael i have an important question ! All vitals are wondering the same...Now that you’re doing your own thing, are you gonna be able to make an A-KIT suspension shootout ? That would be amazing ! Think about all the guys wondering if they should go ... more »

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Amazing Job Michael ! Really really liked your work here and if i can add some wishes, can you bring the 350 for the 250 shootout ? Would be nice to see how they compare to the rest of the bikes since everybody say a 350 is a 250 on steroids. Also, i ... more »

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If true it is a nice update ! I was afraid it would be a torn ACL or something similar with a 5/6 months recovery needed. He will probably skip the last races and recover during the off season before the MEC.

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Kawasaki KRT with Desalle, it is signed already

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You should be banned from the forum for saying something as stupid as this post ! The MXON is the biggest event of the year ! Have you ever been to an MXON ? I have done plenty, i have been also to few US Supercross including A1, Nationals, MXGP, Bercy, ... more »

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Team France has been announced this morning (No surprises): MXGP = Gautier Paulin MX2 = Tom Vialle MX3 = Romain Febvre I would have prefer Musquin & Ferrandis over Paulin and Vialle but we still have a shot at it. We will see