Added reply in a thread Food for thought: Getting injured right now would be worse than normal 3/20/2020 9:55 AM

I’m seeing the exact same thing in the UK, it’s kinda scary, calm before the storm and all that

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Not everyone wants to come race Supercross🙄 I’d say he’s had a cracking opener, considering he was ill all week. Be exciting to watch and see it will continue

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I don’t think he’s been pushed yet, or more so he’s not really pushed himself. He’s said already he’s just trying to stay carol and relaxed, I think he’s upped his fitness and speed, allowing him to win at 90%. Look at when tomac won, I suspect if he’d ... more »

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It’s called transdermal! But the application of any cream to be absorbed will have a full body effect, rubbing it directly on the ribs will speed it up just a little

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Is Forato full time 450? Or just preseason?

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AC or Anderson

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Exactly this! They’ve got a whole track, don’t ride into the tuff blocks.

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He does work with DV? Maybe he’s been rubbing off on him😂

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Was ready to watch Forkner drop him like last year, but he stuck there and started to come back. Shows the off season has worked well for him, I think he would have passed for the lead, even without the mistake

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They don’t have the flu that’s why. I’m a nurse, if you have the flu, you aren’t riding your bike

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McGrath. Done.

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Jarvis is an old man. Let’s go back a few years

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Look up a guy named Layne Norton on Facebook it goes in to some detail on why it a junk documentary

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Mike brown just took his shirt off

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I would imagine Max is putting together the relevant items needed for a good bike.

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Brutal 😂😂

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Yes. Round 6, he caught and passed him in the points and then round 7 took the championship lead👍🏼

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Or just move the MEC? And that way you aren’t changing a whole event with multiple countries just to suit one country?🤷🏼‍♂️

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Bloke worked his ass off to be a pro racer and retires due to injuries etc, not his fault he has friends in high places?🤷🏼‍♂️

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Who do you have him replace, Herlings, Cairoli or Prado? As I would put money on him finishing behind them in the mxgp next season. If all stay fit