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A combination of 2 and 3, depending on the corner and conditions. You MUST use the clutch on a 125. The clutch is your friend. One finger on it at all times ready to feather it. Once you get it down, it’ll be second nature. Some corners you just take ... more »

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Strike a bloody light, ya flamin mongrels. Deadset, some of you blokes are madder than a cut snake. Have a pig’s ear and relax.

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I had one custom made by my dentist. I've chipped and broken teeth without one, but never with one.

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Bingo. Spartacus. A true hero and inspirational rider. So many stunning rides, but I will never forget his Flanders ride against Sagan in 2013. The attack on Paterberg will forever give me chills.

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Exactly this. I had an 06. Fantastic bike and absolutely bulletproof. I rode the living hell out of mine and only ever changed the oil. Only thing to be careful of is stripping out the threads on the oil drainage bolt. The case material is a lot softer ... more »

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I thought the exact same thing. *shifty eyes* "Just getting ready for the new....2019....season...." As a rider, coach or team manager/co-manager, something is on the cards for next year in SX. BTW, I am not a Dungey fan at all. But I see what I see. ... more »

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I can totally understand riders risking the consequences of using performance enhancing drugs in Australian motocross. I mean, there are literally hundreds of dollars at stake, as well as all the fame and adoration from the general public that comes ... more »

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If Team USA of the Mighty Vitards doesn't want Tomac, Australia will have him. Eli, report to the nearest RM Williams store at 0900. They'll give you everything you need.

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Mick Doohan. Casey Stoner on the 2007 Ducati. James Stewart on the 125. RV on a 450. In that order. Each one of these guys were something very special on a bike in their chosen discipline. Yes, I know RC was a god and completely dominant. I enjoyed watching ... more »

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Same. Been happening for about 2 weeks. Android and iOS.

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Are we seeing frame breakages on the 2 strokes or only the 4 strokes? The smokers are about the same weight that they've been for what, 7 years (and about the same as the Yamahas)? It's the fuel injected 4 strokes that have rapidly been losing weight. ... more »

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Q5 SUV + 8x5 trailer. Can fit 3 bikes and gear easily, plus valuable gear such as gopros, helmets, tools, etc stay safely locked in the boot/trunk of the car. You don’t even feel that you’re towing it. Occasionally I forget and startle myself when I ... more »

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‘Twas a good race. Yamaha seem to fiiiiiinaly have their new generation R1 sorted. It will be interesting to see how long it takes Ducati to get the V4 sorted next season. Supersport race was a CRACKER! The new R6 is so dominant, but the inter-R6 battles ... more »

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This. I am north of 220 and ride a 125. Keep it lit and choose smart lines/carry tons of corner speed and the 250 will be like a rocket-propelled scalpel.

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I'm going to add a new 250SX or 300EXC to my '17 125SX.

Started new thread How long do you usually get out of a set of vinyl graphics? 6/7/2018 3:27 AM

As per the title. I have had some sets that have lasted aaaaages, and I have had sets that look bombed out after a couple of rides. Sometimes it takes an atomic storm to remove the graphics, sometimes they start peeling before I have even ridden while ... more »

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Wildcard MotoGP race for Ducati while being a current WSBK rider. He came out and won Valencia in I want to say 2006ish. Another Aussie hero. He is competing in Aus SBK this year on the outgoing Panigale and has been doing really well. At 49....

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Completely agree. Refreshing to see someone thinking clearly and making sense. I stay off all the MotoGP site comment sections and forums. The MotoGP “fans” make Vital look like a Mensa convention.

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Yeah, it was a crazy FP1and 2. Iannone was clearly pissed off and rode like a madman. A “maniac” if you will. Several times the bike got out of shape and he just held the gas on. It was epic. He also had a front row seat to the Pirro crash. Miller is ... more »