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Reply to 1989 YZ125W build. 12/25/2017 8:52 AM

I'm sorry I fooled you, I must admit I assumed all other parts fit as I read about the swap in another thread. I know the clutch assembly was changed in 92 or 93, so maybe 91 is swapable without mod.

Reply to 1991 Yamaha yz125 Ready for the pre95 races! 12/17/2017 10:23 AM

Wow, very nice 96, agree on the navy blue

The engine is awesome, chassis good also. My first 97 is a pretty low hour bike that has been standing in a basement since 99. The second one is a genuine Team Magic Bike rode by Bob Moore and Erik ... more »
Reply to 1991 Yamaha yz125 Ready for the pre95 races! 12/17/2017 9:11 AM

If a low hour 92 either 125 or 250 at a decent price show up I will have a hard time to resist

I already have three and a half YZ125 97 so I'm not YZ-less. I'm actually restoring a 92 YZ80 for a friend, looking for complete top end and exhaust. ... more »
Reply to 1991 Yamaha yz125 Ready for the pre95 races! 12/16/2017 4:41 AM

I love your yz125s! Had a 92 back in the day and I would love to restore one but I have too many bikes already

Found these if someone needs:
Reply to Honda CR125 1991 vintage racebike *custom pipe ready* 11/30/2017 12:44 PM

Nice project, but why not 92 plastics? I know a bit hard to find but so good looking!

Reply to 97 YZ125 Marketplace Find 11/24/2017 11:17 PM

Good choice of graphics! I like the navy blue plastics of 96-97 but they are difficult to find.

Reply to 97 YZ125 Marketplace Find 11/20/2017 12:27 PM

Congratulations to a great bike at a fantastic price! 97 was a good year of YZ125, I have three of them

Make sure jetting is right. Stock is 50, 350 but mine runs way too rich on that. Now I have 35, 350 but it still runs a bit rich so 35, ... more »
Reply to wanted suzuki team graphics 1994 11/13/2017 1:22 PM

Can't help with that unfortunately, good luck searching

Reply to wanted suzuki team graphics 1994 11/12/2017 1:09 PM

They used tecnosel standard full shroud graphics, same as sold to public.

Reply to YZ125 97 Bob Moore project 11/7/2017 9:51 PM

Outer diameter 19mm but not possible to measure thickness unfortunately.

Reply to 1989 YZ125W build. 11/6/2017 9:41 PM

Yes, no other parts need to be changed.

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Those bikes are so good looking! I built a 1990 some years ago and it was nice to ride. I vote for stock graphics as the Chesterfield builds are so common but sure they are very nice. One flaw with these bikes is the magnesium outer clutch cover but

... more »
Reply to YZ125 97 Bob Moore project 11/6/2017 12:50 PM

Thanks for asking! Actually some things have happened. I have managed to find the correct brake pedal and a titanium subframe. I have also got the mounts for the skid plate and water pump guard welded so the frame is close to be painted. I have mounted

... more »
Reply to Remember 90's 80cc graphics 7/18/2017 12:10 AM

Wow! Very nice collection! 92 is my favourite year.

Reply to 1999 YZ blue color codes 7/10/2017 2:38 PM

From what I've heard it's the same metallic blue that is used on the YZF R1

Reply to NOLEEN / SIZZLER YZ250 6/21/2017 2:58 PM

This build came out really nice! Where did you source that kick starter? I recently picked up a 93 basket case which appears to be an ex Peter Johansson GP bike with some trick parts on. I need a cone pipe for it, can anyone point me in a direction where

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Reply to 1993 yz125 on Craigslist 6/21/2017 2:37 PM

Very nice bike! The 93s looks good enough to be placed in the bedroom

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Reply to 1986 KTM80MX with cool mods 6/19/2017 11:12 PM

Soo cool! Very trick compared to the competition these years. But I guess the quality were not comparable to the Japanese bikes

Reply to Finally Starting Tim Ferry Noleen 125 Practice Bike Restore - Done 3/26/2017 12:14 PM

Very nice! So you found red side panels or are they painted? How does it run?

Reply to Yamaha of Troy restore 99% complete 3/15/2017 1:41 PM

Nice! Welded stock rads or oversize?