Added reply in a thread Matt Bisceglia 2/2/2019 4:45 PM

Bummed to hear this! Living in Weatherford TX Matt is our local guy to cheer for on TV. Hope we see him again in the future.

Added reply in a thread Things to do in Lakewood 6/2/2018 7:07 AM

Performance cycle has a ton of riding gear and accessories if you are looking for good Moto shopping.

Added reply in a thread Grand Junction Riders 1/9/2018 4:52 PM

Don’t forget Moab is only 90min away. Stiffen up your suspension and start sending the huge natural booters that are literally everywhere or soften up your suspension and get into the excellent trail riding all around you. I started riding living in ... more »

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Not the cheapest option but the best way to do Vegas SX/MEC is to take the free bus to the event in the afternoon but book a limo back to the strip with cold beer waiting for you inside. The lines for the buses after the event(s) can take 60-90min before ... more »

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No JS7 2nd moto

Added reply in a thread Monster Energy Cup Bench Racing - Night Show 10/17/2015 7:05 PM

We are on the 9th row and that was a 9 lap race...

Added reply in a thread GoPro: Hayes vs Regal 5/9/2015 2:39 PM

This exactly, I remember all the chatter right after this happened about Kyle being the early aggressor before entering the arena. This video defiantly puts that to rest!

Added reply in a thread RV at Lommel 3/12/2015 8:31 PM

His head is like a multi thousand dollar steady-cam. It is incredible to see how much activity is happening from the neck down and the go pro image be so smooth and pristine.

Added reply in a thread Dungey Looking Super Solid For This Title 3/1/2015 5:20 AM

The Turbo Diesel.

Added reply in a thread 13yr old passed away today in Tx 8/4/2014 4:48 AM

R.I.P. lttle man and condolences to his family. Also thoughts and prayers for the other rider and his family. I hate hearing about things like this and it really strikes the cord as our second child is due next month and our first is approaching riding ... more »

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Don't really get to ride MTB much anymore due to NTX relocation but starting working in bike shops at 16 in Colorado Springs and rode heavily through 2008. This was my baby the year I lived in Fruita (07-08), a perfect balance of travel, efficiency and

... more »
Added reply in a thread Concussions. Where do you draw the line? 1/9/2014 2:12 PM

For anyone interested in brain injuries that has not watched "The Crash Reel" I would highly recommend it. It was recommended to me by my brother who is a neuroradiologist when discussing the frustrations of a an acquaintance that had suffered a TBI ... more »

Added reply in a thread The positives from A1 1/6/2014 12:07 PM

Regardless of how Vital users think the night went I thought it was outstanding racing action for the general populous that may have turned on Fox Sports 1 and decided to stay and watch. Lead changes, battles near the front of the back and an occasional ... more »

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I showed up there fat, out of shape, and with a brand new unfamiliar bike; but I had a great time none the less. I hope guys like me from Fort Worth (or even more westerly) aren't part of the problem by not making the extra drive to a place that put ... more »

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A couple feet shorter and that would have been a no expenses paid trip to the ER. Mad props for hitting it, my brain no longer functions in that manner.

Added reply in a thread I hope this Stew show's up in 14 10/21/2013 7:48 AM

I'm a big JS7 fan but to keep the record straight he did push his front wheel and fall over in the 180 after the first rhythm section in moto 1. The RV2 fan next to me went nuts and I had flashbacks to many seasons past, they must have put a YZ450 chassis

... more »
Added reply in a thread Was RV knocked out cold in his crash? 10/21/2013 6:50 AM

We were on row 11 section 106 which was right where RV2 crashed. 100% he was out cold from our close perspective; completely motionless while sliding and after, it was really bad looking in person. We were all extremely relived when he got up!

Added reply in a thread VIDEO: Big whips at Youngstown MX ft. Herrlein / Hand / Kokowski 8/16/2013 5:38 PM

I had to turn my calibrated monitor up to welding arc brightness to see the video properly. It is quite dark but I like the edit and overall atmosphere.

Added reply in a thread My new car I mean airplane 8/16/2013 5:35 PM

My average rush hour colleagues have a very hard time texting and driving, much less texting and flying! I was almost T-Boned driving through a light that had been green for 5+ seconds day before last by a guy that never hit the brakes. I'd hate for ... more »

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It always baffled me that XGames always had a cement hard landing for the best trick competition. A rubberized cushion landing like what nitro circus uses would increase safety and decrease injuries without taking away the ability of the guys to land ... more »