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Checking out the suspension on my '83 YZ250

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Thanks Osheen!

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I’m a home inspector and here are my thoughts. Get bids and have a plumber re-do your underground gas service line properly and pressure test the entire structure. If you have to get your whole house re-plumbed for gas, they will want to use CSST, which ... more »

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Look ahead, way ahead Use the front brake, try dragging it in corners/ruts (especially right hand turns) Stand up - on practice days, ride 3 to 5 laps at a medium pace without ever sitting down. Balls of your feet on the pegs - After 44yrs of riding/racing ... more »

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They wouldn't, but depending on your height, body build, and riding style, handlebars with bends and sweeps that don't compliment those things may make you hold on tighter or put your body in the wrong position on the bike. The bars that I loved on my ... more »

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Tucker at about 6 months old

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Mostly a color change, but I haven't seen many white and black KTM's. Inspired by Reed's Husky.

... more »

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The company's name is plastered all over their gear, so yes, just by wearing that brand. Sure, there are ways around that, but it would not make the statement that he wanted. Marketability, I don't personally know him so I can't comment. Not sure how ... more »

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I applaud Ryan Smith!!! He gets it and I am now a fan. The bottom line question is, why would anyone in his position pay a company to advertise for said company? The correct answers are ignorance and ego.

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69 mini trail 50 71 trail 70 75 yz80 77 yz80 78 yz80 79 yz100 81 yz250 83 yz250 84 yz250 86 yz250 94 yz250 00 yz250 99 cr80/xr100 conversion (current) 03 crf450 06 crf450 16 yz450f 17 sxf450 (current)

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I WD40 and grunge brush the chain and sprockets and anywhere the chain lube has flung. Soak with simple green then power wash. Clean any stains, dry with compressed air, WD40 all metal parts and chain, then wipe plastics with Pledge and silicon spray. ... more »

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Need a forum main link that follows the scroll.

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If I need or want a product and can afford it, I buy it. If a business gives me a t shirt or hat when I purchase something, I will wear it, but I do my damn best not to pay a company for a shirt or hat with ads and/or logos to advertise for them.

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Jay, Trades are great, but as Jeffro said they can be physically demanding. You are also on a timeline that sometimes you can't control. Titan has some good advice, but I would not want to be a real estate agent, they work 24/7. Since you are familiar ... more »

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Back in 2006 i went with a friend to pick up a KTM 625 SMC. They serviced it and rode it around the parking lot. We pulled around to the service area to load it in a pickup and the salesman tells some lackey to fill it with gas. Get home, 2 hour drive, ... more »

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Pulled pork: Quarter a 7 to 8 lbs pork butt. Spice up two of the quarters with your favorite rub and sear all sides. 1/2 cup BBQ sauce and 1/2 cup water, mix well and pour into instant pot. Put pork in instant pot and slop them around the BBQ mix. Cook ... more »

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Congrats to you! My wife and I designed and had new wedding rings made for our 25th anniversary from jewelry that we inherited from family. I only wear a basic band daily, but going out I sport the following.

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nice head bang protector

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