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Reply to Keihin PWK Advice 6/14/2017 2:58 PM

Thanks Digger for your help i will get back to you when i get the PWK installed . I have contacted a Suzuki dealer at home to order the NEDW needle. The jets are easy to get from my local KTM dealer. Once i get this popping noise figured out an the new ... more »

Reply to Keihin PWK Advice 6/13/2017 8:20 AM

I will check the FMF silencer its new so i cant see it being plug but its easy to put the stock one on to try. As far as the PWK I will start with the 45 slow the 175 main and the needle jet NEDW clip in the third position. Thanks again

Reply to Keihin PWK Advice 6/13/2017 6:49 AM

Also what slow jet would you suggest for the 39mm

Reply to Keihin PWK Advice 6/13/2017 6:46 AM

Thanks again Digger your a wealth of well appreciated knowledge. Is this needle jet still be fine for the 39 mm NEDW. I was after a 38mm but i got a good deal on the 39mm. Being the same dimension it should fit inn the carb boot and air box just fine ... more »

Reply to Keihin PWK Advice 6/13/2017 5:50 AM

Thanks Digger i just purchased a used 39 mm PWK i have looked for that needle jet NEDW with no luck . I have parts numbers for all the slow jets and main jets. It show a list of the needles but not that one. I am searching in the KTM parts as the carb ... more »

Reply to Vintage WP 4681 Shock 11/10/2016 8:50 AM

Hi I have more in regards to this WP 4681 Super Adjuster shock . Just under the top mounting eye is a number stamped 2592 W On the dust cap it is stamped H286US and on the spring the number is hard to see it either W7 3404 or W7 8404. Thanks for any ... more »