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November 2005 I was riding at Pax Trax on a random Tuesday afternoon. Justin Barcia was down here prior to the Mini Os. He passed me on his 85 like I was standing still, more than once. I wound up sitting in the grandstands enjoying the show for a bit. ... more »

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Lawrence was on fire after that first turn pileup. He just hit the wall from a physical endurance standpoint. Reed reeled him in slowly. That was a great day of racing. Watching Stewart try to hop on Hills bike after the big crash was amusing.

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Heading down from Jacksonville with my wife. Online reviews are ridiculous (pillows too fluffy, free breakfast wasn't good enough, etc). I'm unfamiliar with Tampa so I need some advice on decent hotels near the stadium, airport, or downtown. Thanks in ... more »

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Yup. Pierce is a bad ass.

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W.W. Ranch. Just kidding. Budd's Creek.

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All of these bikes are great but this one here is the nicest looking 500 I've ever seen. Well done.

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Hasbro hit them with a cease and desist order for using a trademarked (not quite) name. Sugar Ray was born.

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Beautiful! This era KX typifies MX for me. Such a classic look. The green and purple have become a legendary combo. Well done sir. Don't let anyone shame you into riding it if you'd rather simply admire your craftsmanship. Your time, your money, your ... more »

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I attended the MXGP at WW last year. Other than sketchy parking due to rain, it was a great weekend of racing.

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I enjoy hearing everyones' BMX memories. That is some collection for sure. As for new Hutch parts being sold, I bought the pedals, bars, grips, decals and seat post collar from Hutch. Excellent quality but pricey. These bear traps

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Update. After the Mongoose was completed I realized that I couldn't stop. I bought a 1983 Hutch Pro Racer frame and fork and kept going. At the same time I found a locally owned 1996 GT Mach One as a 100% original owner complete bike. The frame and wheelset

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Blur the Technicolor - White Zombie Human Piñata - Voodoo Glow Skulls. Criminally underrated band.

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45 minutes south there is a nice parcel of land with some beautiful tracks in Haines City. Not sure how much use they see. I kid, I kid...

Added reply in a thread Orlando - what's up? 5/19/2018 7:43 AM I drove there from Jacksonville many times via rt. 301 and it was a speed trap for sure. Not sure about nowadays.

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We're in the "bike" builds section, right? Here she is. 1980 Mongoose Motomag. My 12 year old son and I just finished restoration. Frame and fork were bought on eBay. Original paint and decals. I'm 43 and this was my unattainable dream ride when I was

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Stewart at Budd's Creek 2003. Unbelievable ride. He had David Bailey speechless with his scrubs that day.

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Max Markolf appears to have a leg growing from his arm. That pic perplexes me. These shots are great.

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I was against the fence right at the hole shot signs. As he blitzed the following section and disappeared over the first table, my brother and I looked at each other like "well, this moto is all but over". It was his day for sure.

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Ha! I should have said " a bunch of strangers armed only with words".