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Top 10 all in the 51 second range on the final lap

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I think its just marketing plain and simple, a way to provide and generate excitement for the two stroke guys. Personally I'm a Pro Circuit guy myself as I feel they make a better product as far as fitment, sound and performance goes but either way I ... more »

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I have gone the big bore route with both 134 and 139 versions on my previous YZ125's, reliability was never an issue. However this is my first Honda so I'm unsure of which direction I will go. The Honda is a little more demanding and doesn't have the ... more »

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I usually keep a few of my buddies bikes at my house so his wife doesn't find out about them lol. He's not allowed to bring them home unless he sells a few so if he comes across a good deal he drops it at my house until he sells one of his and clears ... more »

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How do you like your 144 setup compared to the old 125 configuration? Anything you don't like about the 144? I have a 2007 CR and am deciding whether to go the big bore route or not.

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Lol perfect

... more »
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Great interview. Love the passion Reed has for racing.

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Bike looked amazing especially for a 98-99 style machine and I usually don't like black frames at all. Had a wiseco crank do the same thing in a yz85 years ago but not as much damage as you! I too like and trust their pistons but stay far away from their ... more »

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Not sure where you guys find all the trick parts for the older bikes?!! Looking forward to seeing it come together.

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I've always used Powerseal. They do great work, turn around is usually a week or two. Recently sent a cylinder out to them that required welding on the exhaust port. That was about $265 with return shipping. Straight replates on cylinders are usually ... more »

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Came out awesome, cool to see a 00-01 build.

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Hell ya! Can't wait for A1

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I blame Ronnie Mac

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Been waiting for a good neck brace comparison. Good read.

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NEEDS a clutch!

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My understanding is that kit is not available to us here in the U.S. so its not likely many people here have gotten their hands on it. Looks like an awesome complete kit with the ignition and everything, I would definitely like to try it and prefer it ... more »

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Reed is a legend, unfortunately he won't have a lot of seat time under his belt with the injury...but if he can recover in time you are crazy if you don't think he has a shot. Dude has 44 wins and the ONLY past champ on the line. Kenny is gonna surprise ... more »

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Where to buy!?