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It’s crazy when you get guys who know the sport in there the commentary is 100000% better. Daniel and Jeff were great. Dan really had nothing to offer. Hopefully next year will be better than this one was as far as commentary goes.

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Yea. I never even thought about the diversity on the box in Utah but I’m happy they get the fan love they deserve. Anyone who gets on the box at this level deserves respect.

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Yea, I haven't called to check or anything and I'm not going to quit ordering from them, they've been good to me for a long time. Just sucks to wait when I've been spoiled by quick shipping in the past lol.

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Yep, I've used them for years and years. Seems I have bad luck I guess.

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Good luck getting your stuff. The last 2 orders with RMATV have taken weeks to ship. All products were in stock. Currently on day 4 after ordering a JD Jet kit...still hasn't even been shipped. smh

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DB killed it. JBone was awesome. Best show in years. Please keep this combo. Pleeeeeaaaaseee

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DB was exactly what the TV broadcast needed. He actually calls the race. His commentary with RC was way smoother than anything in the last few years. Hopefully he gets the job. I actually enjoyed the broadcast tonight for the first time since Fro left. ... more »

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Daniel Blair for the win!!

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I listened. I dislike him even more now.

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Glad CB is going to be ok. However I don’t see McAdoo riding wild or anything. The crash in practice was one we all have had. The crash with CB, Cam was pinched out and spun on a slick track. Typical crash. Happens all the time. Cam didn’t cross jump ... more »

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It’s over. Congrats CW2

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Bitch move from a bitch rider. Exactly why he’s a privateer now. Crashed on the whoops later. Karma.

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Why does anyone say “he caused the red flag so...”. There is no rule saying if you cause the red flag you can’t restart. Where does this ideology even come from? Weird.

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He was never out. He passed concussion tests. He remembered and recalled the whole crash right after it happened. Jeeez. You guys are soft AF.

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Ryno is absolutely a great coach. No bullshit. Strait to the point. No whining. No excuses. If my son raced he’d be my first choice as a coach.

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I have been super critical of the TV broadcasts this year, camera work, announcers, but last night was maybe the best one I've seen this year. I pay for my subscription therefore I do care about the quality of the broadcast. I really have no gripes about ... more »

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Wtf is he even there for? This is absolutely the worst commentary team ever. They’ve made super cross a FKN joke. It’s embarrassing.

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Absolutely the worst commentary and coverage ever. I watched some 90’s stuff the other day. Man it was so exciting. No weird story’s during the race. No replays from last year. Way better camera work. I miss the good old days when they actually called ... more »

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I thought Diffy was terrible in the booth last year? You guys like him? Wasn’t a huge Ralph fan but I’d rather see Weege with RC than Diffy.

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