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Reply to CA 2 stroke ban 7/10/2021 8:40 PM

It's always funny to see the don't come here comments. They are going there to get away from the Democrats policies and are willing to drop everything to do so. It will only make those states more red and CA more blue.

Reply to Use Motosport, RMATV has bad customer service IMO 7/3/2021 4:42 PM

Motosport is a hot mess. They had a free shipping sale so, I ordered some spare parts for my knee braces. Of course, they didn't have them and put them on back order. Every month or so, they would send me an email saying that I would get them when EVS ... more »

Reply to Use Motosport, RMATV has bad customer service IMO 7/3/2021 4:28 PM

A couple of years ago, I ordered a blind bearing puller set and bearings from them. The puller set wasn't as cheap as on Amazon but, it got me over for free shipping and made the job 10x easier. A few weeks later, I got an email saying that they had ... more »

Reply to PSA to Honda Ridgeline fans 6/8/2021 5:36 PM

It's nice to see someone building a small truck again. Everyone else seems to have slowly grown their small trucks into more like mid sized trucks. It would be really nice to see that in an extended cab version that gains back some bed length.

Reply to How did Pala Raceway start? 6/1/2021 7:38 PM

One of the guys who either was the dude or close enough to know posts on here so, hopefully, he can chime in.

Reply to I bought a stolen bike? 5/24/2021 4:02 PM

Don't just give it back because someone says it is theirs. You paid and have a bill of sale. Make the court decide to take it from you. That would set the precedent that your seller sold you stolen goods. You have a receipt from them so it should be ... more »

Reply to This is Crazy 5/22/2021 10:00 AM

Damn, I think that I need to unload the 125 that I haven't been using. Does anyone know what a nice 2004 RM125 would go for in CA?

Reply to Prairie Dog's Last Dog Standing 5/6/2021 6:26 PM

I'm in for the sprint enduro but, on the fence for Last Dog

Reply to Kind Of Like Carlsbad Re-Opening. This is Huge. 4/6/2021 5:15 PM

Scroll in a little closer and you can see that the track and access road are still there. Years ago, we would ride over from Gilman Springs and ride there. I don't know if it is still possible since they have been working on widening the 60.

... more »
Reply to Kind Of Like Carlsbad Re-Opening. This is Huge. 4/4/2021 11:46 AM

Every time I drive by that sign, I get a bit irritated. It is just a reminder that there was an awesome track there but now we get some crappy tilt ups.

Reply to Kind Of Like Carlsbad Re-Opening. This is Huge. 4/4/2021 11:42 AM

I rode it a few times and it was an awesome replica. The only thing missing was the exact dirt and those square edges.

Reply to Supply Chain Disruptions - Order Wait Times 3/29/2021 9:31 PM

I have been waiting on some EVS knee brace parts from Motosport for months. Every once in a while they send an email acknowledging the order and saying that there are delays.

Reply to If you were wondering what happened with Alta.. 3/27/2021 8:45 PM

In CA, we have rolling blackouts every time it gets hot but, we are going to use millions of extra KW's to charge all of this stuff. I'm sure that it will work out well.

Reply to ‘The umpteenth death sting to our sport’ – Stefan Everts 2/19/2021 6:56 AM

The same people who shut down land from motorcycles have no issue when they mow that land into unnatural plateaus and build low income housing. The reality that they hate motorcycles, mountain bikes and the types of people who ride them. The environment ... more »

Reply to NASCAR? 2/15/2021 6:24 PM

I spent almost a decade crewing for friends at the local and regional level and had a blast. During that time I followed everything NASCAR. Then they started screwing with the rules and the idiotic chase points system. That coupled with all of the new ... more »

Reply to When are the electric MX bikes coming? 2/13/2021 3:19 PM

When batteries get way better or the government outlaws gas engines. For someone like me who does track and offroad, limited battery life is the deal killer.

Reply to Mammoth 2021 1/30/2021 9:04 PM

During the first COVID lockdown, Cal City MX was flying under the radar and staying open. The Mammoth promoter turned him into city/county or something along those lines and got him shutdown.

Reply to Peacock TV 1/9/2021 9:16 PM

Well, you could just watch it on Youtube

Reply to Cutting in your own Single Track 1/9/2021 12:30 PM

I did some last year on a friends property. We both love super tight hard enduro stuff. That being said, we ended up loosening it up a ton after we rode it the first few times. When we were cutting it in, we thought that it was tight but good. Once we ... more »

Reply to 250 2 Stroke or 450 12/26/2020 1:20 PM

The 450 has more power and will still handle great which is better for the dunes. That being said, the last time I took a 450 (stock 06 crf450r) to the dunes, it puked half of the water out.