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Looks like Geoff is headed to Cahuilla if you asked me.

Added reply in a thread Whoa! Ryan Dungey Becomes Part Owner of Factory Connection Racing 12/3/2019 6:09 AM

What's the old saying? "If you want to make a small fortune, start with a large one and go racing"

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These Tesla owners didn't seem amused. They were in the middle of the desert in a snow storm on Thanksgiving day waiting to charge their Teslas. I don't know how long they takes to charge but there were about 10 waiting and 5 on the chargers.

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For the offroad guys, USWE already has a black Friday sale and mentioned a normal Black Friday sale as well. edit, They also have some sweet mountain bike hydration packs on sale.

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Qualifiers style enduros are actually pretty simple in practice. Generally you cruise at a moderate clip towards your check. On your way there, you usually have a test where they stop you and release you at a specified time. The test can be anything, ... more »

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The muffler side of those old Hondas is the worst. In 07 or so, we did Mammoth and had to use black backgrounds for our class. Bike bandit screwed me by holding shipment for a small part so, I got everything the day that we left. Needless to say, that ... more »

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There are plenty of used setups on for 150K. They aren't purpose built for moto but would work just fine for a smaller team on a budget. Here are a couple of examples.

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If a ride day killed half the attendance, then something else is broken. My guess is that it was a combo of what I consider a pretty average track for a national and a lot of people remembering the horrific traffic jam of years past.

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It's refreshing to have a rider just put it out as to what his plans are and why. Personally, I can do without post of boxes and blacked out bikes.

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Now KTM has trial bikes and ebikes

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Is that an OE seat base or an aftermarket? Being black, it looks like an SDG. That could explain the problem.

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It's nice to see Honda doing anything positive with two strokes.

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If Alta really had anything innovative, they would have been bought on the cheap. If anyone thought that they would ever make money, they would have been bought on the cheap. They were the best at something that the big 5 weren't/aren't really trying ... more »

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I checked them out the other day and they are really good for the price. Dollar for dollar, they are hard to beat. I would say that they are equivalent to the low end Snap On line but not as good as the higher end boxes with the better bearings and thicker ... more »

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Very cool, How did you find out about his classes?

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X2 on Kurt. You can get in touch with him through He has a bunch of new KTM's and is a really good guy who loves riding.

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That was a hell of a combo of luck and skill.

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Motocross/Supercross are sports where there tends to be a dominate rider and that causes poor points chases. You have two choices: 1 Deal with it and enjoy the dominance. 2. Create some ridiculous system like NASCAR where you really have a end of season ... more »

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I have an 06 RM250 and it is a great bike on the track and offroad. I have been using Diggers jetting suggestions and have had no issues. Fuel: 50/50 91/ 100 or more race gas ( looking to be 95 plus octane) Oil: Motorex Cross Power 2T @ 40:1 Main: 172 ... more »

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At this point, they need to grow their own food. Otherwise, they run the risk of getting something tainted.