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Mine would be Barona Oaks in late 83. A couple weeks later, I was on the line in 80 beginner. It was a great place to race during the mid to late 80's with tons of guys who were fast being there regularly.

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Good times...I bought a brand new old stock 2006 CRF450R from a dealer in San Diego for $3999 OTD.

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It doesn't really matter. Some days you feel it and some days you don't. If you want to be doing this in 10 years, don't push it on the days that you don't. Some days, it is better to just ride the vet track and work on something that you feel you are ... more »

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I recently went from the old EVS Web braces (bulky old school carbon fiber type) to the newer EVS Web Pro braces and I am really happy. The fit is much better and the hinge feels more natural.

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If you can't do the weekday thing, try going in the afternoon. The tracks are rougher but the crowds are way down.

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The twin chamber is easy once you get the hang of it. Loosen the top clamp and then the fork cap before taking it off the bike. It is easier than trying to hold the round fork in a vise. Also, take your time and angle the chamber slightly so that you ... more »

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I have always had good luck with the Pro Circuit specs that can be found online. If they are way off, you may want to check for other issues. Leaking wet /trans side seals cause rich conditions. I have also heard of some carbs having an internal o ring ... more »

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Gas tax and other road taxes/tolls/fees pay for around half of the costs (it varies by state). The rest comes from general taxes like property, sales etc..

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He obviously love the trick stuff and he would have the same mods on a 2021 KTM. Nice bike BTW

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A tank within the normal tank....start the conspiracy

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Instead of coming in and coming off like an ass hat. Why don't you just spell out who you are, what your position is, and what Answers plans are for this year and beyond? The whole ML512 doesn't know what he's talking about, while offering nothing, came ... more »

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The last paragraph is gold. I ride with a very diverse set of people over the course of the year. A few categories have all of the aftermarket stuff. The fully sponsored pros, slow older guys who think that a billet clutch cover will turn them into Colton ... more »

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Good stuff here. For my suspension, I usually soften the compression 3-4 clicks. There is a fine line between comfort and being able to handle g outs and drops. I would add to look ahead. There tends to be one line that gets wasted. You can often make ... more »

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Have you tried 3 Brothers in Costa Mesa? I have always heard good things about their pricing and sales practices. Plus, they support the local district D37.

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I know how you feel. I have stepped in and out a few times in my 50 years. It has been a really long time since I didn't have a bike but in my early 20's, there were a couple of short periods. More often, I was just preoccupied with other things and ... more »

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Seems like some covers for those fans would be a good idea.

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Damn, this is really sad to hear. RIP Dave. He did the engine and carb on my 88 KX125. That thing was everything a modded bike should be. It was fast, had great usable power and was super reliable.

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Home Depot has large mats.

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solid advice

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IMO, ProX is really good stuff. Pistons have been ART who make the OEM and seals etc are NOK which are OEM. I haven't bought bearings so maybe someone can chime in on their manufacture/quality. As for the cranks, I haven't heard anything good about Wiseco. ... more »