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You can sue anyone. That fine print may keep you from winning but not from sueing and making the track bankrupt paying $300 an hour for attorneys.

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You know why KTM sees value in 2 strokes. It's because they can't keep them on the showroom floor. I went down to my local so cal KTM shop to go look at 150's. The salesmans response was "good luck they sold out soon as they came in". "I do have plenty ... more »

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125's aren't for everyone. If you like a challenge or were good on one when you were younger then go for it. You can't just be some tool who wobbles through the corner straightens the thing out then uses the 450's power to get over the double. Personally, ... more »

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I doubt that any current privateers have ever set foot on 250 two stroke and if they did it was probably some POS.

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"We use to make a lot more money buy Craigslist won't let us run our ads anymore"

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I don't think that even the most die hard 2 stroke fan wouls claim that they never break. The fact remains that repairs will cost 1/3 of what it would cost for the same damge in comparison to a 4 stroke.

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Probably because it is a dump in a gang infested hell hole.

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MXA did an article or Jody's box on this and other lame and dangerous on track advertising BS. The fact that it is so obviously dangerous proves that they don't care at all. The reality is that death would be more publicity for them. Their non action ... more »