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Suzuki supports Sutherlin in the WORCS series.

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Rocky Mountain ad came Thursday morning last year and had some great deals. I got a MSR hydration pack which was really a rebranded USWE for $40. I wish that I had bought a couple of them

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I'm glad to see that the U.S. isn't the only country where public employees feel free to buy themselves expensive toys.

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You can still train properly and have down time. Some people use that time to get their name out and raise their value to sponsors.

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You can add that those numbers are hugely inflated due to government subsidies and being able to use the car pool lane. Until battery technology doubles, they are not going to replace gas unless the government forces it. edit: Honest question for someone ... more »

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Plus, he did it during the time where you could race just about every day of the week.

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I thought that the Youtube deal worked great. I watched just about all of the events. This beIN deal doesn't work for me at all.

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The main thing holding e bikes back is the batteries. Can you ride an Alta full out for the same length of time that you can ride a 450 and then be refueled and ready to go again in a minute? Do you need to bring a generator to ride for 5 hours on your ... more »

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Sometimes, I wonder if they just dump tax money in the landfill. They collect more and more but nothing ever gets fixed and the schools, firefighters, police etc. are always whining about not having enough money.

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Obviously, they didn't have the same friends that guys like Musk have. They needed the government to wrap cash around them like they did for Tesla. That being said, someone wll buy them. If it is to actually produce bikes is another question.

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A lot of people call themselves machinists when they are really operators (button pushers). If you aren't capable of carrying the process from start to finish (program the part, source materials, choose tooling, make fixtures and run parts), you aren't ... more »

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Joey did what he needed to do. He is on a new team and needed to support its top rider. It would have been a cold reception if he had ruined that million dollar pay day. He also saved himself from getting wrecked. If Tomac got anywhere near him and he ... more »

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Having ridden and raced a Service 500, I have to agree with this. To me, the bike never felt like like one unit. It looked cool and hauled ass but, I never thought that it handled worth a shit. If you lined up that bike with stock framed 500's that I ... more »

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Well done..That's as text book as it gets. Short track racing rules. It is too bad that the Cup series moved toward the 1.5 mile and above tracks.

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Meridian ....K and N West

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I recently went from a crappy 26 in hard tail spring fork to an aluminum Giant Anthem 29. In doing so,my interest in riding went way up. The 29 rolls so much better and the suspension makes all of the difference in the world.

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If Munich Oktoberfest says anything, don't discount the Aussies ability to piss themselves....literally

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Damn, it looks good. The rear end steps out to the right in the whoops and he just steers it left to setup perfectly for the next corner. I would say that he is feeling pretty good.

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How long before the rest of the OEMs follow?