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Honest question. Is the flu treated the same as COVID in data collection? In other words, if you have late stage cancer and get the flu, will the cause of death be the flu? If not, comparing the data is asinine.

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Why? They will just raise taxes instead.

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I had something like this happen. After checking the VIN against the online data base here and with the NV DMV.I bought a bike off Craigslist from a guy in Vegas. The NV DMV even told me that even if it had been stolen there was no way to check as ... more »

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Nice. I had no idea that was on YouTube. Thanks for the links. Have you watched X trial?

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I have been using the KG kits for years in my 06 RM250. Since I ride a lot of enduro and hard enduro stuff on top of the normal moto I tend to beat them up a bit. They work great and are much cheaper than OE Suzuki. From what I understand, KG make most

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I was going to suggest searching Ebay using something like "YZ 125 hardware lot". I do that for my RM's and have been able to get crazy deals from guys who part out bikes. Usually, you end up paying $25 for what you need but, you also get tons of hardware, ... more »

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Well, they just opened up a movie theatre in Oceanside which is just down the 76 from Pala. I would have to assume that things are loosening up.

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Didn't the KTM/Husky factories stop racing that series?

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It's too bad that place shut down. The Carlsbad track was fun. If he just had sprinklers to leave on all night, it would have been dead on.

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Those were the good old days. I could head there after work and still get in my motos. It was such a bummer that the local politicians just had to tear the track and the speedway down so that hey could build the expansion of airport businesses. Then, ... more »

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A lot of riders seem to be like that.

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That US General cart is probably a good choice. It seems like a lot of specialty type things are now coming in blow molded cases. I now have a stack of them next to my box. The bottom shelf of that cart would be a good place for them and oils etc.. Plus,

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You need to decide on how you are planning on using the box. If it is going to sit next to or under the bench, get a box that has drawers all the way down and plenty or room. It is amazing how fast they fill up. The more that you are exposed to proper

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I don't see how you can properly wear them with a chest protector. The whole idea is that they fit tight.

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Mine would be Barona Oaks in late 83. A couple weeks later, I was on the line in 80 beginner. It was a great place to race during the mid to late 80's with tons of guys who were fast being there regularly.

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Good times...I bought a brand new old stock 2006 CRF450R from a dealer in San Diego for $3999 OTD.

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It doesn't really matter. Some days you feel it and some days you don't. If you want to be doing this in 10 years, don't push it on the days that you don't. Some days, it is better to just ride the vet track and work on something that you feel you are ... more »

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I recently went from the old EVS Web braces (bulky old school carbon fiber type) to the newer EVS Web Pro braces and I am really happy. The fit is much better and the hinge feels more natural.

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If you can't do the weekday thing, try going in the afternoon. The tracks are rougher but the crowds are way down.