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Looks like some sort of aftermarket plastic tank. It’s missing the lower engine mount bolt and I don’t believe the gusseting on the frame around the swing arm pivot is factory. I’m guessing someone’s hybrid creation of a 79 RM. but I do remember pictures ... more »

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Those aren’t giving out. They’re worn through from grip tape or some other abrasive surface as others have said

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Bak Industries hard roll up

Reply to Best bike for bigger body's? 2/11/2018 2:37 PM

Yamaha and Kawasaki for tall dudes for sure! 6'5 230 here and I ride a YZ450 with lowered Fastway pegs as my only ergonomic mods. Kawasaki is very similar as well. I've tried the 18 Honda and KTM and they are so much smaller and cramped they are nearly ... more »

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Torque X RPM divided by 5252 = horsepower

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like you I live in the San Diego area and have seriously looked in to relocating to the Charlotte area. Been in SD for 30 years and feeling stale! N.C. and the Charlotte area is very appealing for many reasons. I would have all my activity bases covered ... more »

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They're not homeless, they're Urban Campers!

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This right here x10. His buckle and zipper were broken so no way he could ride safely.His pants would be down to his knees in a couple corners. I had the same thing happen to me... pants were falling down and lost all mobility with my legs.

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I think the guy that crosses the finish line first will win.

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Hey look its that other 371 guy from Cahuilla!

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ME- @Bradley_371 Business- @Speedzone_Paint

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Pants fit great. Jerseys run small or "athletic" fit. I normally wear 2XL jerseys with all other brands, not because I'm a fat bastard , but because I'm tall. But with Fasthouse I wear a 3XL jersey.

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Do a search on Google and some will come up. Dubach Racing will also e-mail you some maps.

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Hey Jeff. As I was reading your post I thought it all sounded too familiar. Then when I saw the x-rays I realized I'd seen them before! Your dad showed them to me when he told me about your crash. Take the time to heal up, though I know it can be frustrating. ... more »

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Looks like a lot of fun! I wanna get a dual sport or played off road bike so I can do ride like that with my friends. I've never done that kind of riding and sounds like an adventure to me.

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I heard the 2021 Alta is gonna come with a Flux Capacitor

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The rain was completely unexpected as it was forecast to be a mild day. The rain came and just sat there for hours. The track was a mess and it was pure survival the first motos. My class had 40 some odd people signed up and less than half that lined ... more »

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Here it is.... SorryJody...........