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Switch to 30 weight muffler bearings. If that doesn't work check the flux capacitor.

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Always a fan of dog motocross..... Panic rev flying W...

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That thing is a real turd. What a rust bucket! Time for the crusher.........

Started new thread Ready for the nationals??!!! Vid of 2011 Pala... 8/13/2020 12:26 PM

Short video I filmed of the 250 class at Pala in 2011. That’s Bogle with the holesshot by a mile. Can’t believe this is 9 years ago!! 😩

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I agree!! Whenever I think of worst song ever that's what came to mind. How did that even make it to the radio.....what were they thinking!!!

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I used to have better than 20/20 vision but now at 52 I’ve developed old man eyes. Can’t see to read a book or my phone without the cheater glasses and my distance vision has gotten a touch fuzzy. My left eye is much worse than the right. I feel it’s ... more »

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Mud flaps? Ten pager...………...

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Your Yamaha

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Luke, you still plan on doing MX nationals and SX?

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Do you ever drive a motor vehicle? That's when there's plenty of time to listen

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I agree 100% with your branding comment. I cringe every time I hear it referred to as Monster Energy SX during the broadcast, which is about 100 times every

Just makes our sport come across as a circus act and all about the sponsors ... more »
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So the American public is desperately hungry for live sporting events right now, and the newspapers have had nothing much to put in the sports section except rehashing old content, and here we are with SX starting this weekend yet there's not a word ... more »

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14-17 is basically the exact frame. 2018 came the new, and current, generation.

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I don't think you're gonna like the cornering on that 14

I know, I had one. Also might want to check AMA rules if you can ride a bike that old in Pro Motocross. I know you cant in SX
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You could use the 14-15 frame but they are not the same. In 16 Yamaha made changes to the frame to change the rigidity balance and improve the handling. The easiest visual difference is the cast piece above the foot pegs (the area where the inside of ... more »

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So both of my knees are toast. One of them has been bone on bone for 11 years. I've been managing it as long as possible, but now the other one is bad too. The last several months they hurt so bad while riding its become very difficult (not fun) to ride ... more »

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This was just posted a few days ago to YouTube by Gary Bailey. So cool.

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You're really not even that tall but the Honda's are cramped as hell. I've also found that super tall bars and/or risers adversely affect the cornering drastically, as well as a tall seat, but sometimes you just cant get by without a little taller foam. ... more »

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“Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow”. Unknown Author.

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Fail. 🤦‍♂️