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+2 Awesome bike and literally bullet proof. Forget all the electric start nonsense you read on here too. My 17 450 starts the 2nd kick when cold and the first kick when warm. I've stalled it in a race and it started in gear with the clutch in on the ... more »

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That looks more like a demolition derby than racing.

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The 93 was by far the better bike...I wish she was mad about that!

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I pulled an idiot move many years ago. My wife was pregnant with our third child. We had just made the decision for her to stay home with the kids because she was essentially working to pay for child care. We had very little money saved, but I found ... more »

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25 years ago? Maybe...but not now. Maybe I'm optimistic because I could care less what the color of his skin is, or what hair style he chooses to have. I will admit, neck tattoo's and face piercings aggravate the shit out of me, but not race, or dread ... more »

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Forgive my ignorance, but do both 250's and 450's have 3 moto's? or just 450's? I'm excited about the change. More racing, possibly more winners...nothing wrong with that!

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He will continue to gain fans and respect if he continues to ride clean as well. That is what the negatives have always been with him, nothing "fair weather" at all about that. You either liked the "Bam Bam" BS or you didn't. (I didn't) He was aggressive ... more »

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Wow, someone is a little psycho jealous of Ken Roczen? Get a grip buddy.

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I really thought Webb was going to be running up front right away. His performances at the GP's and MXON gave me that impression. Obviously, those performances were not good indicators. I also thought that last year was an adjustment year, and we'd see ... more »

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Still trying to figure out how he got that start in his heat race on that "slow" bike? His results have nothing to do with lack of power in his bike. Just as the power of his PC bikes had nothing to do with his resuts in MX last year. His suspension ... more »

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I buy almost everything from my local dealer, they go to the races every weekend, their employee's and even the owners still race / ride. They take care of those who race and who buy from them. It's worth the extra buck or two you spend. About the only ... more »

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I'm so glad he didn't. He was an amazing talent, but his antics/interviews were an embarrassment to our sport IMO.

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Yep, like Wilson did last year, Reed is doing this year, and Peick did for many years. It's not uncommon at all. Every privateer out there does it.

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Me too, very comfortable,light and it isn't too hot in summer.

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I like the look of Oneil gear for KTM.

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MX, not even close.

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That was good.

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That scares the shit out of me. Really. Whart kind of issues does this person have? WTF?Is it a guy? A girl?

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Marvin always does this, and while sometimes it's not faster, it seems to be safer. I can't remember seeing anyone eat it when jumping through the whoops but we've all seen plenty wad up when skimming them.

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I'm generally in the top 4 on every start with a bone stock 17 RMZ...because it is more than capable of running with any other is the Kawi and even the 350 KTM. I rarely finish in the top 5, but that has absolutley nothing to do with the bike. ... more »