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I have!!! I announce Regional and local moto at sunset ridge and Byron along with the pro ATV championship!

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I am that buddy! lol we are getting an MX Tech Rear shock and gonna get the forks valved, this will be the best local handling 450 stamp it! So excited

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I’ve ridden one, The bikes super solid! Has a stink bug feel in the rear but it’s easily fixable, power seems to be on par and handles like a dream get one

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I’m having my 3rd done in July! I fell and slammed my leg at the track and it ended up breaking my Patellar tendon graft right off the femur, the screws are loose. So there gonna make a new graft from that area of skin right above the knee then I’m getting

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Started new thread Honda or Suzuki 450? 2/23/2019 11:13 AM

My local dealership has an 18 demo Honda for 6500 with 10 hours on it but they also have 19 Suzuki 450s for 6900 brand new what way should I go

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Started new thread Jace Owen 11/18/2018 1:05 PM

Prince of paris, solid rides in the 450 class in Australia, he could very well be a darkhorse for some solid finishes come east coast sx! What do you all think

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Between lake Geneva and Milwaukee 10 Miles east if UW whitewater

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Does anyone have a link for it still having a hard time finding it

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This is getting ridiculous, whens the schedule coming out have to start planning now! what's up with Feld

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I'm a 220 pound C to back of the pack B rider ish what 450 would be good for me to set the sag on and go out and ride I'm looking for something that corners well and doesn't have a rip your hands off response thinking Honda or Suzuki coming off a 16 ... more »

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Why is free practice timing not working it usually does

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Jonathan six!!!! 73 all day in plus 25

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Trying to do my budgeting for the 2018 Arenacross season, wondering when we can expect a schedule out? And to feld remember Arenacross has Midwest roots so bring the series to the people who need it please

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Cade Authenreith will be racing for JGR for remainder of west coast sx

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139 Nathen LaPorte Wisconsin Rider!!! Good luck brothaa

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Heard he had a pretty good crash today?!?! anyone know anything about this

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Started new thread Team Carey Grand Rapids Recap 1/15/2017 2:11 PM

Excellent weekend all around for Team Carey! Dzmitry Kurau From Belarus won Collegeboy on the team Carey TZR prepared Kawasaki beating Addison Emory who made Saturday's night show Chaz Braden from Cedar Rapids, Iowa made both night shows getting 8th

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Added a comment about feature 2017 Silly Season, Round 3 12/24/2016 12:51 PM

Team Carey Arenacross team
673 Jonathan Six I: jsix73
904 Justin Kelly I: j904k
Joey Rakowski 63 Amateur I:rakowski63
Team manager Noah Picard
Team owner Michael Carey
Mechanic Adam Rakowski

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Hey guys it's Noah Picard the team manager for Team Carey Arenacross and National team, as the season approaches we have Jonathan Six and in talks with another rider, the seasons rapidly approaching we are looking for a rider who is capable who can run ... more »

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