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Hey guys I’m having a hard time finding the torque specs for my bike it’s a 1989 Suzuki ds80, I think the jr80 would be similar and couldn’t find much for that either. I’m looking for all the rear suspension specs and cylinder and head specs Any help ... more »

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It’s a 1989 Suzuki ds80 there is parts of the cylinder that are gold colour so I assume plated..? The piston measures 49mm but they sell 49 and 50 mm+ pistons would I be able to buy the 50 mm and hone the cylinder that extra 1 mm??? or would it be best ... more »

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Hey guys just pulled my head and the piston looks good so just gonna replace the rings , I am gonna hone the cylinder as there is a little bit of scoring markes on the exhaust size not enough for a re bore I think, Can I just use any cylinder hone from ... more »

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Pulled the head and do me the cylinder looks fine pretty good minor scoring nothing big do you think from looking at the video it’s worth spending the 150 on the pistion or jjst buying new rings?

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Hey guys I just pulled the head there is a decent amount of scoring on the exhaust side and the rest looks to be fine I can still see the cross etching, do you think I could get by honing this or is that scoring to much there not to deep but u can feel ... more »

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Hey guys, I’m currently rebuilding the engine on my 89 Suzuki ds 80. Since I’ll have it all apart, I was debating on boring it up to a 100cc. What do you guys think of this idea? Also is there anything that I should know going into this if I end up doing ... more »

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Hey guys I have a 1989 Suzuki ds80 and just got back from a pretty hard rip she got a good work out... it died on the trail from a fouled plug and I replaced it and runs good... but Boggs down hard and won’t run when your trying to drive it.... also ... more »

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Hey guys I have a older Suzuki ds80 it’s a 1989 and I noticed it had a tank for the oil injection with some oil still in it, I would prefer to used mixed gas as if this injection fails I will seize my engine.. although if I let the tank run dry with ... more »

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