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Reply to AP7 Gypsy Tales Podcast 5/25/2021 8:50 PM

One of the last whiskey shows i was sitting thinking "shut the f#^k up and let him talk" both GL and Ping talking over the guest and trying to get their joke across. There is an art form to a conversation and ping and GL need to do some work.

Reply to Seriously DC? Why? 5/9/2021 3:20 AM

You also need a full time filmer to prosuce something like that. Cheaper for fuys to run a go pro and mix in 3rd part footage where possible.

Reply to Brothers Lawrence 5/6/2021 3:04 PM

Dont forget kyle webster is showing an elevated form in 250s over here. I'd be surprised to see webster and duffy in aus in 2022, i think they'll both get snapped up by overseas. Hopefully they dont join some low level hack team like other aussies in ... more »

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Reply to Red anchor 5/2/2021 3:32 AM

Tens place 😂😂😂 wow

Reply to KTM Team Tactics... 5/1/2021 3:10 AM

Please dont breed

Reply to Cooper Webb...the same rider w/o Aldon Baker training? 4/27/2021 8:19 PM

I think its 70% KTM and 30% Baker. The yamaha factory effort was crap, look back at all the riders who've said so or done better after leaving the team or manufactuer

Reply to Silly Season... 2022 ! 4/27/2021 5:39 PM

What if move moves to rocky mountain KTM?? i find it hard to see him not retire on KTM Otheriwse KTM runs a 3 man team

Reply to Gypsy Tales w Ryno 4/27/2021 3:32 PM

Spot on with the cult talk and god complex. I think thats normally a sign of schizophrenia. He comes across as someone who is taking psychedelics and losing his grip with reality a bit, his riding talk is fine but its all his other weird ramblings that ... more »

Reply to Will Baggett Return? 4/26/2021 4:25 PM

Not on a production based beta

Reply to Bring back Rutledge Wood!!! 4/25/2021 12:57 AM

I would be embarassed to take a pay check after his performance at sx

Reply to Martin Davalos Retires From Racing 4/24/2021 3:04 PM

Good on him, great career that he should be proud of and plenty of great 450 results.

Reply to Do SX riders get tested for weed? 4/24/2021 2:59 PM

Follow stanke on snapchat, he is regularly punching cones and smoking joints.

Reply to "I think he's scared of me you know that's why he plays these kind of games but little does he know I like to play as well" 4/20/2021 1:26 PM

I reckon he has the same amount of SX titlea as kenny. Wonder who'll get one firat?

Reply to Gypsy Tales w Ryno 4/20/2021 1:23 PM

The riding part was good but he's cooked. What kind of an idiot would suggest not going to a hospital after being bitten by a dog. Then he starts rambling on about don't label yourself and then says just becauae you were born a certain way doesnt make ... more »

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 7:07 PM

Wow, those last few laps were hectic. I thought kenny was checking up to try bump webb, can't believe he laid down and just let webb pass him

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 6:59 PM

Look how much more intensity AP is riding with now tomac passes him, he was crusiing behind webb

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 6:56 PM

Will have to be tomac, i dont think plessinger will do it.

Reply to Atlanta 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 4/17/2021 6:52 PM

Yep AP is checking up and riding behind coop. So easy to see him back it down in the whoops to not overtake coop

Reply to Blame pie Anderson vs A ray 4/15/2021 2:44 PM

Some of the stories we hear about Aray like lining up with a flat front tire are just dumb, you can't tell me thats a smart move or safe for other racers if he's doing crap like that. None of those guys crash anywhere near Aray, watch him in practice ... more »