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To answer your question You should be aiming to be phsycially strong and cardio fit with a clean maintainable diet. Ignore trying to hit a goal weighr and focus on a strength goal and cardio goal.

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To counter this argument, wouldnt you have more energy at the end of the moto if you were physcially stronger? The stronger you are the less energy you use doing the same activity, provided skill level was the same for both.

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I think a lot of the injuries could be attributed to how skinny the riders are, christian craig looked horribly lean at the start of the year with no muscle. Look at the hit mookie took on the concrete floor the other weak, i think his build helped him ... more »

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I think he has conceded that the title is gone. Such a shame that another season where he has lost control of the title and early season form.

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Did anyone catch malcom take anderson down on tonights start.

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Get rid of him, they've gone back to catering to the idiot audience. Get daniel blair and talk technical stuff like every other sport. Stop treating fans like idiots and our sport won't look as hick.

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On pulp they guu mentioned they wanted to do this and Monster said no, so that limits a masisve amount of the other guys.

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The wrf is a fair bit ahead of the crx in the australian form. That said the ktm, husky ,gas gas are ahead of the wrf for then general fast rider / racer

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Hardest thing about cutting in on foot ia making it too tight. Normally I try and have flowy corners and straight lines for a minimum of 100 yards. Then ride it on a MTB to get an understanding of it. Alot of trial and error learning what works and what ... more »

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Bit of a movie I put together of one of our hard enduros here in australia

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It wasnt 8mil, chad said around 2mil

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Enforce it for the last 1/4 of the race. Gives riders time to recover from an issue and gain positions back.

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Production team werent much better tonight..WTF are we seeing a highlight from weeks ago during the lastvfew minutes when webb was closing in on roczen.

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He was closing in on webb, friese should of gotten out of the main line when being lapped.

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Seems like lappers are causing issues late in the race, simple solution. At the 15minute mark all lappers are black flagged and finish in their respective positions. Leave the last bit of the race for the lead riders.

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We had four different people in different parts of the country watching it today from the 1 login.

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If I was craig I would ring into the pulp show this week and hold a set of clippers to the phone 😂

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Dakar would help sell the adventure range of bikes that both KTM and Honda sell. I think Dakar provides the companies with more exposure than supercross. More average people around the world know of dakar than supercross.

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The thing I remember most is his hilarious quote on the pulp show "Pretty good show, not too great" RIP