Started new thread Anyone notice FX2 is now on Comcast Xfinity? 10/13/2018 9:43 AM

I noticed we finally get Fox Sports 2 today while searching for MEC but it's not HD !!! I'll never understand why they do stuff like this. Pointless to try and watch on a 75" TV. Getting closer though I guess.

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Auto renewed for me yesterday. Probably a bug and surely not legal to just charge my card without my permission? I guess I would have been paying again anyway but I hadn't even looked at my options yet.

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I'm pretty sure the pits are in the building above the one marked "Pits" I don't feel the lobby area you line up in is as wide as that top building and I know there is more than one entrance into the pits. I only see one connector between those two buildings. ... more »

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Fox Sports 2. Here we go again lol. Actually it would have been live at 9.30pm here on the east coast anyway if I could get FX2 so I'll just go to bed and watch it in the morning from my recording of FX1 that starts at 4am.

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Same. Worked fine until 5 min ago. Final 450 moto starts in 12 min. Not happy

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I haven't been to an Australian event for a bunch of years now but I always wondered how it was viable when 100 spectators turn up to watch an MX national with half of them friends and family of riders and then the SX series went to crap for a while ... more »

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Chatting to SlingTv. They said it should be back on soon. I'm going downstairs to see.

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You need to verify your already paying for FS2 to watch it on the GO app. That means Xfinity customers are out of luck and as I've found out tonight SlingTV customers are too even though they are paying for FS2. SlingTV just simply isn't in the list ... more »

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Yeah pretty pissed off right now. Planned my whole day/night for this. I set up SlingTV to watch it. Its not even an event going long they just started a new show thus they had no intention of airing SX anyway. Problem is they directed it to the Fox ... more »

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If your in the USA is perfect. 7 day free trial. This is the last Fox Sports 2 broadcast so I signed up today and will cancel it straight after. It streams through Apple TV, Amazon Fire and a bunch of others. Looks perfect HD on the TV.

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I went to A2 this year with a backpack no worries. Atlanta changed the rules this year for their last ever event at this stadium. Pretty stupid. We were lucky to notice the change before we went but a clear plastic bag isn't easy to find. We used a semi ... more »

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Has this been tested? A helmet dampens sound no doubt. The flag marshal on the side of the track is the one copping most of the noise. I've never had ringing ears from riding/racing ever, even with a very loud Akropovic exhaust on a 250F. I get what ... more »

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I can't imagine that a helmet doesn't muffle the sound enough to prevent hearing damage. The only advantage to ear plugs I think would be concentration while riding. Car stereos when I was younger and night clubs would be 10 x worse than riding a 4 stroke ... more »

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Always ran 50:1 back in the day. We also ran Avgas back then too. In my own bikes and pros bikes. Never had an issue ever and our practice bikes got many many many hrs on them, more than you could imagine, we would also recycle race bike piston and rings ... more »

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I recently looked into getting surgery here in the USA. Cash price if I took insurance out of it was $55,000 here in the USA for a two hr surgery walk in and out the same day. Back in Australia where I'm from it's only $5000 cash though the private health ... more »

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There's also a 3.5 turbo charged option at a higher cost for more performance

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I think they basically sell them like real estate or maybe it's a yearly lease, not really sure. It's more for the those with above average income though lol. It's also probably the main reason tickets cost so much too because all the ball sport lovers ... more »

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My wifes friend just bought permanent seats in the new dome and apparently part of the sales pitch was supercross and monster jam.

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Yes this is what I would recommend. It has Fox Sports 1 and 2, very very cheap too. The only downside I can think of is that you don't use a DVR with it. I literally don't watch anything on TV live nowadays so that would be hard to get use to for me. ... more »

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For me besides age it's lack of riding areas. Living just north of Atlanta all MX tracks are at least an hr and a half away. When I own a bike I like to ride 3 - 4 times a week at least. Ironic Atlanta has arguably the biggest SX every year but there ... more »