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Every manufacture will have a sizing chart for their frames, you will fall into a large frame form most manufactures. But like someone else said, some prefer a size smaller frame and then throw a larger stem to open things back up.

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Did mine in Oct. 09, had a plate and a bunch of screws installed, broke the leg again during rehab then in Aug of 2012 got a staph infection and the Dr went in and removed the hardware. I have had several Dr. look at me and ask "so when are ... more »
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Ronnie Tichenor would go out there all the time, his dad was the first person I had that really helped me with suspension.

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I agree 100% with you, Ive ridden with many on the street that thought they were the shit. We would go on rides on the back roads and I'd be at the back of the pack, people would be waiting for me to catch up.....then we would do a track day, it would

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The Miami SX back in 1989 was pretty much beach sand for the entire track. Watching Bradshaw on his first 125 SX race was just an added bonus!

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Here is a screen shot of Charlie Mullins on Strava at a local trail to me, its a very slow single track with a lot of

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Spam links everywhere

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With a Winter AM at Gatorback the first week of Jan, they will probably have Diamondback open the weekend before for an open practice. Its about 45 min from Ocala.

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I went on a little bicycle ride to Gatorback on Wednesday, the signs saying Gatorback are all torn down/removed , I also rode past Diamond Back, its all already overgrown with weeds.

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I was thinking the same, hard tissue, 12 weeks to heal, soft tissue, 6 to 18 months to heal properly.

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Remember when Kawasaki brought in the new model about half way through the outdoor season for RV2 a few years back and he went on a tear with the new bike!

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only to race supercross, not for outdoors

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about 2 to 2.5 hours drive

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Some time around the mid 80's the YEN shot up My first YZ 80 was 799, that was in 81, in 85 IIRC they retailed for around 1200, not bad for a bike that changed drastically. But then the YEN took off and all of a sudden bikes were costing 2200 within ... more »

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Miami is a bad place for most sporting events, the Dolphins have a hard time selling out, then when they do, most the crowd doesnt show up till after the 1st quarter. Marlin, they feel great if they get 10k fans in the stadium on a Saturday night. The ... more »

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It would work great if he won an outdoor title

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i know where it is now, its in the personal collection of the guy that owns Nation Parts Depot. I've seen it a few times.